National Certification Program Established For Skilled Production Employees

Program seeks to provide qualified, skilled workers to manufacturing industry.

A national certification program for skilled production workers will be launched by the Manufacturing Skill Standards Council.

The National Association of Manufacturers' (NAM) president and CEO, John Engler will join prominent industry representatives for the nation-wide launch of the program on Mon., Sept. 25, at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C. 

The certification program is the first effort to establish nationally-recognized credentials for qualified manufacturing production workers. It will allow potential manufacturing workers to know exactly what skills are need to get a job in manufacturing and will help prospective employers to identify qualified job seekers.

According to a recent NAM study, 80 percent of the manufacturers surveyed are having problems locating qualified, skilled production workers. The "skills shortage" is becoming an increasing challenge for U.S. manufacturers, as they seek to replace the older generation of retiring manufacturing employees.

Along with Engler, other industry representatives at the launch include: James McCaslin, president & COO, Harley-Davidson Motor Co.; Leo Reddy, CEO, Manufacturing Skill Standards Council; John Rauschenberger, manager of personnel research & development, Ford Motor Co.; and Keith Romig, Jr., director, National & International Program, United Steelworkers.