Virtual Version Of Great Lakes Manufacturing

New website for Great Lakes region highlights manufacturing sector.

The Secretariat of the Great Lakes Manufacturing Council (GLMC) announced Friday the launch of a new website,, to help support the council’s efforts to promote manufacturing throughout the Great Lakes states and Ontario, which represents the third largest economy in the world in terms of gross national product.

“This new website is a virtual extension of the newly formed Great Lakes Manufacturing Council and will help us raise awareness and visibility of the continuing importance of manufacturing within this region and beyond.” said Ed Wolking Jr., executive vice president of the Detroit Regional Chamber and member of the GLMC Secretariat.

The GLMC was formed to increase the competitive advantage for manufacturing and preserve the prosperity of the Great Lakes region, and concentrates on the areas of image, workforce, innovation and logistics/borders with partners in Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, Minnesota, New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Ontario and Wisconsin.

“The Great Lakes region is a global nexus for transportation, logistics, information, and, of course, manufacturing. The Council will be a unifying voice for the many advantages of locating and growing in the nation’s industrial heartland.” said Helen Gagel, vice president External Relations of the Chicago Manufacturing Center.