Downturn Reversing For Massachusetts Manufacturing

State added 3,681 jobs since August 2005, an increase in manufacturing jobs for first time since 2001.

According to the 2007 Massachusetts Manufacturers Register, an industrial directory published by Manufacturers’ News Inc. (MNI), Massachusetts has added 3,681 jobs since August of 2005, a gain that the state hasn’t seen since 2001.

“Hopefully this indicates a slowing of the loss of Massachusetts manufacturing jobs,” said Tom Dubin, president of MNI. “Many of the industrial jobs that could be shipped overseas have already been.”

MNI notes that Massachusetts is home to 10,128 manufacturing companies that employ 419,761 workers.

According to an MNI study, Massachusetts is 17th in the nation by number of manufacturing jobs and 15th by number of plants. The state accounts for 39 percent of New England’s manufacturing plants and 43 percent of the area’s industrial jobs.

Boston remains the industrial leader for the state with 347 companies that account for 5 percent of Massachusetts’ manufacturing employment. Boston is also New England’s top manufacturing city with 21,023 industrial jobs.

Industrial machinery and equipment is the top industrial sector in the state, accounting for 1,640 companies. Other sectors, such as printing/publishing and metal fabricating,account for 42 percent of the state’s manufacturers.

By employment, the top industries include plastic products (16,102 jobs), industrial machinery (13,662) and electronic components (13,646).

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