North American Manufacturing Industry Will Lose Almost 200 Plants Over Next Three Years

Over 79,000 jobs will be eliminated; but 742 plants scheduled to open by 2008 adding 155,000 jobs

SUGAR LAND, Texas –  According to Industrial Info Resources, a marketing information service compnay, from the beginning of 2006 through the end of 2008, there are 199 plants in North America that are expected to close their doors within the industrial manufacturing industry.

Those 199 plants employ over 79,000 people.

Most of the closings will occur in the U.S., which will shutdown 165 plants and eliminate over 64,000 jobs.

The regions that will be affected the most appear to be the Southeast, Mid-Atlantic and the Great Lakes with each losing between 30-32 plants and losing 9,000-13,000 jobs.

Canada will close 21 plants losing nearly 12,000 jobs and Mexico will lose 3,600 jobs spread across thirteen plants. Most of the jobs in Canada will be eliminated from the state of Ontario, which is expected to lose twelve plants, which employ over 10,000 people.

Most of the plant closings will be automotive-related facilities, where over over 30 plants are expected to close in over the next two years, many in the Ontario and the Great Lakes regions.

Although there are over 79,000 jobs to be lost through 2008, there are 742 plants scheduled to open during the same time period adding approximately 155,000 jobs.

For more information call Industrial Info's Closed Plant Database at 1-800-762-3361.