Colorado Manufacturing Jobs Up 1% Over Past 12 Months

Gain of 3,596 jobs since June, 2005

Colorado's industrial employment rose 1% over the past 12 months, according to the 2007 Colorado Manufacturers Directory, published by Manufacturers' News, Inc. (MNI), Evanston, IL.

MNI reports Colorado has gained 3,596 jobs since June of 2005, indicating a slight reversal in the
downturn the state has felt since 2001.

"Hopefully this indicates a slowing, if not a reversal of the loss of Colorado manufacturing jobs," said Tom Dubin, President of MNI. "Many of the industrial jobs that could be shipped overseas already have been."

According to MNI, Colorado is now home to 7,411 manufacturing companies employing 219,140 workers, ranking it second in the Mountain Plains region by number of manufacturing jobs and plants.

Denver remains Colorado's industrial leader with 1,594 companies and 51,815 jobs, according to the 2007 Register. Colorado Springs accounts for 579 companies and 20,920 jobs, while Boulder is home to 353 manufacturers and 9,673 jobs. These three cities represent 34% of the state's manufacturing plants and 37% of its industrial jobs.