Maryland/DC Industrial Jobs Down 2% Over The Past 12 Months

The region lost 4,294 jobs since May of 2006. Despite strong manufacturing climate, technology and outsourcing lead to less employment.

Maryland's industrial employment has dropped 2% over the past 12 months, according to the 2007 Maryland/DC Manufacturers Directory, an industrial guide published by Manufacturers' News, Inc. (MNI).

Maryland/DC has lost 4,294 jobs since May of 2006.

"Manufacturing capacity utilization is at a four-year high, and production is climbing," said Tom Dubin, President of MNI. "Unfortunately, this hasn't translated into increased employment for Maryland as companies are finding ways to increase efficiency and trim costs through technology and outsourcing."

Maryland/DC is now home to 5,635 manufacturing companies employing 212,450 workers, reports the Directory. MNI's regional study shows Maryland/DC accounts for 7% of the Mid-Atlantic's industrial jobs and 8.5% of the region's manufacturing plants.

Baltimore remains Maryland's top industrial leader with 1,017 companies listed in the 2007 edition. Baltimore accounts for 41,996 jobs or 21% of the state's industrial employment. Washington D.C. is home to 300
manufacturers and 19,312 jobs.

Maryland's top three industrial sectors are printing and publishing, industrial machinery and equipment, and metal fabricating. These sectors account for 2,188 companies or 39% of Maryland's manufacturers.

According to the 2007 Directory, Maryland's top industries by employment are electronic components, commercial printing, and newspapers. These industries represent 30,766 jobs, or 15% of Maryland's manufacturing employment.