Peg Pérego Announces $4 Million Expansion of Indiana Facility

Peg Pérego has announced a $4 million investment for expansion at its Indiana facility.

Peg Pérego USA, Inc. has announced a manufacturing and logistics expansion at its Fort Wayne, Ind. location. Plans call for an investment of more than $4 million through 2009.

The expansion includes additional equipment used in the manufacture and distribution of infant and juvenile products. The projected investment through 2009 will include $3.94 million in manufacturing equipment, $490,000 in logistics equipment and $1.25 million in IT upgrades, specifically in radio frequency identification (RFID) and bar code technology.

“In order to meet future customer demands efficiently, Peg Pérego will need to add an RFID system, a new telephone system, additional molds integral to the production process, material handling equipment and other equipment related to the storage and distribution of finished products,” said Paul V. Niccum, vice president of finance and administration for Peg Pérego USA, Inc.