Factory Shipments On The Rise In Canada

Factory shipments increased in November in Canada, according to government statistics released Thursday.

Factory shipments showed a strong increase in November in Canada, due to improved numbers in the transportation equipment sector, according to statistics released by the Canadian government Thursday.

Statistics Canada reported that Canadian manufacturers shipped goods worth an estimated $49.0 billion, up 2.3 percent from October.

November’s increase was widespread over 13 sectors, representing 73 percent of total output.

Durable goods shipment increased for a second consecutive month, after three months of declines, rising 3.1 percent to $26.8 billion.

The Labor Force Survey also indicated that manufacturing employment also rebounded in November, rising approximately 13,000 jobs to 2.1 million. Despite November’s increase, manufacturing year-to-date job losses totaled over 72,000.

Aerospace shipments rose 9.5 percent to $1.3 billion, after a decline in October. For the first 11 months of 2006, aerospace shipments were 1.8 percent lower than in the same time period in 2005.

Food Manufacturing increased 1.2 percent to $5.7 billion.

Total inventories for manufacturers increased 0.3 percent to $63.6 billion in November, marking the fifth increase in a row and a jump of $1.5 billion since the start of 2006.

The inventory-to-shipment ratio fell to 1.30 from 1.33 in October. The ratio had increased for three consecutive months before dropping in November.

New orders for motor vehicles and aerospace products increased 3.9 percent to $49.9 billion.

Unfilled orders also increased 2.3 percent to $42.2 billion.