Packaging Machinery Exports Up 7 Percent

U.S. exports increase to $646 million and are expected to pass $1 billion.

According to research from the U.S. Census Bureau and reported by the Packaging Machinery Manufacturers Institute (PMMI), U.S. exports of packaging machinery totaled $646 million, up 7 percent from last year, and exports are expected to exceed $1 billion for the third consecutive year.

“The recent U.S. Census report is good news for PMMI members, the global consumer and industrial goods marketplace, where a ‘total system’ approach is required to meet today’s production demands,” said Charles D. Yuska, president and CEO, PMMI. “PMMI members have a global reputation for producing flexible, cost-effective and safe packaging machinery, and the marketplace is clearly responding.”

Domestic sales of packaging machinery indicate the economic strength of the industry, and PMMI had reported earlier this year that packaging machinery sales were expected to increase three percent to $5.854 billion for 2006, the fifth consecutive year for growth.

The Packaging Machinery Manufacturing Institute (PMMI) is a global resource and trade association for the packaging industry. PMMI has over 500 members who manufacture packing and packaging-related converting machinery, and 23 supplier members who manufacture commercially available packaging machinery components in the U.S. and Canada.