Size Matters: Advanced Battery Manufactures Nanometer Battery

Battery will be used for first nanopower scooter and takes only 15 minutes to recharge.

Advanced Battery Technologies Inc announced Thursday that it successfully manufactured a nanometer battery for the first nanopower electric scooter.

The Taiwan-based manufacturer of scooters, motorcycles and cars, Aiyingsi Co Ltd, worked with Advanced Battery to develop, test and produce a nanometer battery for Aiyingsi’s new electric scooter.

A test by the Zhong Qiang Institute of Research showed that the battery can maintain speeds of up to 18.75 miles per hour, with 28 miles per charge. The battery took 15 minutes to fully recharge.

The scooter uses a pack of nanometer battery cells of 5.8Ah, 2.2V with a capacity of more than 720W/L and a cycle life of over 4,000 times. When tested by piercing, puncturing and pressure squeezing, the batteries did not catch fire or explode.