New Internet Site & Fosters Adhesives And Sealants Education And Training

Adhesive and Sealant Council and SpecialChem create for design engineers.

The Adhesive and Sealant Council (ASC), and SpecialChem have collaborated on the creation of a new Internet site,, focused on providing educational resources and training in adhesives and sealants for material and product engineers, designers, architects and others.

This new site will provide basic information about adhesives and sealants to the design-engineering community. 

Among the items featured on will be reference materials on the basics of adhesive bonding, updates on new adhesive/sealant solutions, articles organized by market and application focus, global regulations, case studies, an online Adhesive & Sealant library, and a glossary.  

A series of e-training courses (webinars) will be co-hosted on the same web platform. Taught by industry experts, these courses will cover a broad range of topics including transportation, assembly and packaging applications. 

The monthly webinars will cover adhesion from the perspectives of the designer/engineer's needs. Courses feature live instruction with an interactive question and answer session. 

According to Lawrence Sloan, ASC president, the site's purpose "is to expand awareness of the critically important role adhesives and sealants play in the design-engineering community.  The industry recognizes today's engineer lacks basic knowledge about adhesives.  Through online reference materials and training courses we want to raise the comfort level of designers and engineers and encourage them to consider adhesives and sealants as the preferred bonding solution over mechanical fasteners on their next project."

The ASC is a North American trade association that represents the adhesive and sealant industry. SpecialChem is an online Innovation & Solutions Accelerator focusing on Specialty Chemicals and Engineering Plastics.