Mitsubishi Recalling 1,669 SUVs

1,401 RVR Sports Gear and 268 Pajero SUVs, all sold in Japan, are being recalled due to faulty intercooler parts.

Tokyo (AP) – Mitsubishi Motors Corp. is recalling 1,669 sports utility vehicles with intercooler parts that could fall off and defective fuse box circuits, the company announced Tuesday.

Subject to recall are 1,401 RVR Sports Gear SUV vehicles manufactured in 1997-2002 and 268 Pajero SUV’s manufactured in 2006, according to a statement on Mitsubishi’s web site.

A fault in the parts connecting the intercooler’s air intake vent to the car means the vent could fall off, the statement said. In the Pajeros, faulty circuits mean the cars’ blinkers could fail, it said.

The 1,669 vehicles were all sold in Japan, according to the company. It wasn’t immediately clear whether the models sold overseas also had defective parts.

No accidents have been reported related to the faulty intercooler parts or circuits, according to Mitsubishi.