MM Blog: Revolutionizing The Clothing Industry With 3D Printing

A look at how a new partnership could kick 3D printed fashion into gear.

A new partnership between Loughborough University in the UK and garment manufacturer the Yeh Group hopes to cut the waste out of clothing manufacturing and instead provide a system for personalized, printed polymer clothing that can be produced in just 24 hours. While manufacturing clothes has been streamlined, and costs have been lowered, the process and techniques have not really changed since the 19th century. This new collaborative project hopes to change that by developing 3D printing technology tailored to the garment industry.

The goal is to produce garments from raw materials in a single step—which could lead to apparel and footwear made specifically for individuals using 3D scanners. The project is scheduled to last 18 months and researchers are confident they will come up with a one-step process needed to produce colored and finished garments.


Do you think the team will be successful with their goals? Do you think additive manufacturing will change the way we produce and sell clothing? 

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