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IMPO's Top 10 Of 2016: News

Check out what news was the most popular among IMPO readers in 2016.

While scrolling through the website statistics searching for the tops clicks of the year, I’ve learned one thing… IMPO readers certainly aren’t squeamish.

The top news stories on IMPO ranged from worker’s bodily functions to massive amounts of cocaine found at a Coca-Cola factory to employees, unfortunately, being killed on the job. In fact, five out of the top most-read stories (including blogs, thought-leadership articles and news) involved death or injury. However, one was a safety video depicting —albeit rather graphically —what could happen is safety procedures aren’t followed.

So, without further ado, here are IMPO's 10 most-read news items of 2016.

News Top 10

  1. Video Purportedly Shows Man Urinating On Kellogg Assembly Line
  2. WI Teen Dies After Machine Shop Accident
  3. Video: 3 Dead In Factory Shooting In East Tennessee
  4. Worker Killed In Accident At Chicago's Ford Plant Identified
  5. Investigation Ongoing For Woman's Fatal Industrial Mixer Accident
  6. Wisconsin Firm Terminates Muslim Workers In Prayer Dispute
  7. Goodyear Plant To Be Closed Until Friday After 3rd Death
  8. Support Leg Breaks As SpaceX Rocket Lands On Ocean Barge
  9. Report: U.S. Poultry Workers Denied Bathroom Breaks, Wear Diapers To Work
  10. French Coca-Cola Workers Find Huge Amount Of Cocaine In Orange Juice Shipment