How a Combination Metal Detector and Checkweigher Can Help Your Business

What does an organization's’s choice of weighing equipment have to do with the global economy?

The leaders of the world’s seven richest nations have just returned from their annual summit where they agreed that a lack of demand was the single biggest problem in the global economy. The experts also said that in addition to the effects of the slowdown in China and the other big developing economies, aging workforces, slower productivity improvements, reduced rates of innovation, limited resources and the reluctance of consumers to buy and businesses to invest were all contributing to the gloomy outlook.

In light of this recent G7 summit and the IMF’s announcement that it has just cut its growth forecast for the world’s advanced economies for 2016 and 2017 for the fourth time in a year, it’s evident that it will be tough going for businesses across the spectrum of commerce and industry. It’s a case of survival of the fittest.

To survive, organizations will have to work hard at improving their productivity, cutting their costs, streamlining their processes, minimizing their risk and optimizing their resources — and that’s where the choice of weighing equipment comes in. Organizations in the food, beverage and pharmaceutical sectors need to choose their weighing equipment very carefully because it can impact on their future prospects.

They should look at combination checkweighers and metal detectors which combine highly accurate weighing capabilities with superior metal detection in a single piece of equipment. These innovative new products eliminate the need (and the cost) of two individual standalone systems and offer a range of benefits which can help businesses become more productive, cut costs and optimize their processes. 

Expert design and construction of these integrated systems means they are capable of fast and highly accurate checking, managing and classifying of products for a wide range of dimensions. The breakthrough technology enables in-line weighing of products, while the metal detector reliably detects any metal contamination. Products that are out of tolerance in terms of weight or which are contaminated by metal are immediately rejected.

These unique combination machines are compact and highly efficient, plus they offer a range of additional benefits including:

  • Reduced equipment footprint and significant space savings
  • Eliminates need for two separate conveyors
  • Reduced number of product transfer points
  • Faster product changeovers
  • Highest levels of sensitivity and stability
  • Single vendor for two product inspection requirements (weighing and metal detection)
  • Only one technician required to service and support the two technologies
  • Reduced costs
  • Faster data entry and seamless integration with data management systems
  • Flexible systems for a wide range of dimensions, depending on specific needs
  • Simplified operator training

 All of these features can translate into significant savings and productivity improvements — which are non-negotiable business imperatives if an organization is to survive the persistently challenging operating environment. Decisions have to be made when it comes to investing wisely for future growth and success, and making the right choice of weighing equipment is crucial.

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