Strap Yourself In For The Experience

Chem.Info staff know that you don’t have time to monitor the entire industry from the plant floor, so now we’re doing it for you each and every workday.

By Carrie Ellis, Editor, Chem.Info

Welcome to the Chem.Insider experience. Strap yourself in. And please keep in mind that there is no eating, drinking, smoking or the use of flash photography permitted.

Please also remember that while on this ride, you are to keep all arms, legs or any other extremities you deem worthy of saving inside the vehicle. In fact, for your safety, please stay in front of your computer monitor, but behind the yellow line.

In other words, prepare for the Chem.Insider daily. From here on out, we’re e-mailing you each and every workday with the latest:

  • Industry news.
  • Exclusive case studies and technical articles.
  • Product releases.
  • Videos (especially Thursday, which we have deemed a video-only deployment).
  • Blogs—and not only from yours truly, but the rest of the Chem.Info team, as well as the industry experts and moguls from whom you want to hear.

Why are we doing all of this? Well, with an electronic format, we can deliver more frequently. Plus, having paired up with the Associated Press and other trusted news sources, we’re better positioned to keep you constantly up-to-date on issues that not only affect you, but also drive you to become a better employee in the processing marketplace.

Besides, we know your job is hard. The market is weak. The global economy is shaky. And knowing what competitors and colleagues are doing can really help you stay afloat. Consider us your lifeboat.

We know you don’t have the time to monitor the entire industry from the plant floor, so we’re doing it for you. It’s our little way of saying thank you for supporting us since 1962 and into the future.

While we’re busy delivering all of this information, if you find that there’s something missing in our coverage or would like it presented in a different way, please don’t hesitate to let us know. We’re here to serve you. Feel free to contact me with your thoughts and suggestions any time at