Welcome To Industry 4.0: The Tech You Need To Succeed

As the Editorial Director of Advantage Business Media's eight brands covering the Manufacturing sector, I'm excited to introduce our readers to Industry 4.0.

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As the Editorial Director of Advantage Business Media's Manufacturing division, I'm excited to introduce our readers to Industry 4.0. This newsletter, which will be deployed bi-monthly, came about organically. In their daily coverage, editors from publications as diverse as Industrial Distribution, Manufacturing.Net and Pharmaceutical Processing have all seen their industries revolutionized by the advent of ubiquitous connectivity and the smart technologies that leverage those connections. As experts in their respective markets, our team can confirm that those companies leading the way in every industry are agressively investing in:

  • IoT
  • ERP
  • Pricing Optimization
  • Track-N-trace
  • Automation
  • CRM
  • Big Data Analytics
  • Cloud

If you haven’t heard of some of these solutions or have but aren’t sure quite how to proceed, not to worry. We’ve got you covered. Industry 4.0 is all about keeping you informed on how the latest tech is being implemented in your industry, and how these kinds of innovations can help your company realize greater efficiencies and continued growth. Whether you’re an OEM working in the automotive space, or a distributor looking to differentiate, you’re going to want to check out what Industry 4.0 is all about.

Whether we like it or not, times they are chaging, and it never hurts to know what's coming, right? In that spirit, please join Industry 4.0 and our team of experts and industry insiders, as we investigate the next-generation of manufacturing and distribution technologies.