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What's Trending: China Spying On U.S. Businesses; A Look At Cyber Security

Here's a deeper look into the top trending security stories in manufacturing today based on reader feedback. China spying on U.S. businesses; hack allows snooping on Android phones; and Chinese inaction gives technology thieves a shield.

It appears that cyber security is currently keeping people up at night. It’s menacing, can destroy a business and forces companies to constantly evaluate their procedures. How much security is enough? How much is too much? No one wants their business shut down due to outside forces meddling in operations, but the company also shouldn’t come to a standstill with security procedures. Where is your cyber security at? Is it causing you headaches? Have you found a way to make it work for you? Feel free to comment below.

Here's a deeper look into the top trending stories in manufacturing today based on reader feedback. China spying on U.S. businesses; hack allows snooping on Android phones; and Chinese inaction gives technology thieves a shield. Below these stories, check out links to other related security news and features at Manufacturing Business Technology.

China Spying On U.S. Businesses

Many of the cyber-attacks on American trade are coming from China. NBC's Michael Isikoff reports on how widespread the espionage is and what the government is doing about it.      

Video - Hack Allows Snooping On Android Phones

By using malware that looks like your favorite app, hackers can gain access to your Android device, including your camera, phone calls and text messages. You can check out the video here.        

Chinese Inaction Gives Technology Thieves A Shield

BEIJING (AP) -- American prosecutors say Pangang Group aimed high. The Chinese state-owned company wanted a better process to make titanium dioxide, a white pigment used in paint, toothpaste and Oreo cookie filling. So it paid spies to steal it from industry giant DuPont.

Pangang was indicted last year on U.S. charges of industrial spying and a retired DuPont scientist pleaded guilty to selling secrets. Prosecutors say another defendant was encouraged by a Chinese leader to "make contributions" to the country — rare evidence of high-level official involvement. Then the case stalled while prosecutors tried to force Pangang to answer the charges in a U.S. court.

DuPont says it has asked Chinese authorities to block use of its stolen secrets. There is no indication they have taken action. 

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