Hydraulic Institute Launches New Positive Displacement Pump e-Learning Course

Hydraulic Institute (HI) has launched its latest pump industry e-Learning program titled “Positive Displacement Pumps: Fundamentals, Design and Applications.”  The comprehensive Positive Displacement (PD) Pump course is an Internet-delivered educational program designed to provide individual users with a broad, comprehensive knowledge of PD pumping technologies. The material is visual and interactive, allowing students to take full advantage of the latest learning technology.

Created by positive displacement pump experts associated with 12 separate HI member companies, the course has been developed for pump users, manufacturers and distributors, mechanical engineers, contractors, engineering consulting firms, students and others who work with pumps and pumping systems.  

Content is based on HI/ANSI Standards with significant contributions from experts at HI member companies that sponsored and led the development of the course.  The HI Sponsor companies are:  ARO/Ingersoll Rand, CLYDEUNION, Colfax-IMO & Warren Pump, Flowserve Pump Division, Grundfos Pumps Corporation, Iwaki America Incorporated, Leistritz Corporation, LEWA, Inc., Milton Roy Americas, Moyno, Inc., Roper Pump Company and Siemens Water Technologies.

Each module is designed for a self-paced learning experience of approximately two hours and contains extensive reference material.  The first two modules focus on PD pumps markets and applications, as well as the background and terms needed for an understanding of positive displacement pump hydraulics.  Three other modules are devoted to specific positive displacement pump technology, including rotary, reciprocating and metering pumps.  Product details, performance characteristics, benefits, attributes, drawings, animations and photos of pump types within each particular technology family are discussed and explained.

“This is a world-class course setting a new standard of excellence by Members of the Hydraulic Institute,” says Robert K. Asdal, Executive Director of HI. “A fundamental understanding of pumps is clearly needed on so many levels, as pumping systems are often not optimized for the best performance or lowest life cycle cost. This course fills a major educational void.  It focuses on PD pump technology, offering students a 24/7 learning option and easily accessible instruction that addresses pump education from a very basic level through an intermediate technical level. This course adds a valuable new resource to the Institute’s on-line offerings.”

Among the global pump user community, HI is well known for standards that define pump nomenclature and provide definitions, applications, operation, and test procedures. HI’s family of widely recognized ANSI/HI pump standards were used as the basis of this new educational and training resource, and this material is a useful supplement to the five-module course series.

In addition to the launch of the PD pump course, HI has redesigned the interface and content of its “Rotodynamic (Centrifugal) Pumps:  Fundamentals, Design and Applications” e-Learning course which is available in five-modules.  This course provides users with comprehensive knowledge of rotodynamic (centrifugal) pumping technologies.

Self tests are available for all courses throughout each learning module to ensure that students understand the content.  At the conclusion of each module, an open book test is provided to evaluate the student’s comprehension.  HI offers students Professional Development Hours (PDHs) for educational courses.  A test score of at least 90% allows a student to print a personalized Certificate of Completion with the number of Professional Development Hours indicated.

All courses are available for individual or volume discount purchase (for corporate training purposes) at www.PumpLearning.org.  In the near future, HI will also offer a series of instructor-led courses based on this curriculum, exclusively taught by experts from the HI PD e-Learning sponsor companies. Registration details can be found on the www.PumpLearning.org website. 

For more information on these learning experiences, other HI e-Learning courses and/or multi-user discount packages, please contact Mary Maul, HI Director of Knowledge and Education at (703) 785-4867 or Education@pumps.org, or order the course on-line at www.PumpLearning.org.