Encoders Go Wireless

BEI Industrial Encoders has released the SwiftComm wireless interface for encoders, designed for motion control applications. The encoders provide a wireless signal in real time over a secure network. According to BEI, the SwiftComm series is unlike other wireless technology such as Wi-Fi because of its fast boot-up and transmission time, which allow it to seamlessly interface with existing control systems. The wireless interface is achieved by connecting the transmitter to your encoder and the receiver to your control system, and applying power. The transmitter-receiver pair communicates using a point-to-point frequency-hopping 2.4 GHz RF protocol. SwiftComm’s proprietary radio protocols include a broad security code range, data encryption, handshaking, and error checking, that together provide a secure and robust wireless interface system. The SwiftComm’s NEMA 4 weatherproof enclosures, panel mounting options, antenna choices and wide-range DC power inputs make the system ideal for a wide variety of industrial applications where cable runs are expensive to install and maintain. 

Learn more: www.beiied.com/wireless