Maneuverable Cart Doubles As AGV


Creform Corporation has released the Warehouse Picking Cart, designed to improve lean practices by efficiently moving parts or boxes from one manufacturing station to another. Its maneuverability also allows it to be used for warehouse order picking and kitting. Constructed using the Creform System of plastic coated steel pipes, metal joints and accessories, it comes equipped with four 5” diameter casters with urethane wheels for stable rolling. The two fixed casters assist with directional control while the other two casters have brakes for secure positioning. Large diameter wheels enhance maneuverability in restrictive, narrow aisles.

The standard cart has a 32” × 64” footprint and a load capacity of 750 pounds. The shelves can be used to hold full boxes of parts or open boxes/totes that can be filled through piece picking. The shelves are canted toward the outside of the cart for easy load/unload access, visibility and can be repositioned to accommodate varying heights and sizes of parts or packages. The vertical compartments store long inventory items and help protect those items by keeping them separated. It also features integrated dual cylindrical holsters, one at each end, for the storage of scanning guns.

The cart can be outfitted with a hitch for towing, or with the addition of a bolt-on AGC unit, turned into a cost effective and rapidly deployed Creform AGV. The vehicle requires only an adhesive-backed magnetic tape on the floor to designate the guidepath, which is read by a magnetic guidance antenna and removes the need to cut a slot in the floor.

The standard specifications of the cart can also be customized to facilitate higher capacity, modified storage configurations, or additional hooks, label holders, and writing surfaces. Various colors and static protective ESD joints and pipes are available.

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