Want Perfection? Do it Yourself!

Since 1973, Bio San Laboratories Inc. of Derry, New Hampshire, has marketed nutritional food-based supplements worldwide. Always with a mission to deliver its products as nature intended, Bio San and its production company, Durham Reach Inc., strive to keep their products natural, simple and perfect. According to the company, only pure, organic ingredients go into Durham products.

Knowing that the best way to achieve perfection is to do it yourself, Bio San created Durham Research Inc., a separate company that would develop and insure the integrity all of the raw materials and ingredients needed for it’s growing product line.

Natural foods like fruits, vegetables, and dairy products must be completely dried to create raw materials for nutritional supplements. But conventional methods of drying foods meant using high heat, which drastically changes the nutritional make-up, color, aroma, and taste; or pharmaceutical-grade freeze drying, which is extremely expensive and would make their products prohibitively high priced. The experts at Durham Research wanted something that would minimize the effects of drying, so that their raw materials were as close to fresh as possible.

After launching a search for the best dryer, they found the answer to their dilemma — they found the MCD Technologies Refractance Window® Dryer.

Richard LaFond, executive vice president at BioSan Laboratories Inc. and general manager ay Durham Research Inc., says the dryer does exactly what Durham Research was looking for — it preserves the color, aroma and nutritional compounds of the foods that become supplement ingredients.

LaFond commented, “We were very impressed with the self-limiting technology of RW drying. MCD demonstrated that principal using a glass of water, placing an index finger on the outside of the glass below the water line and peering through the top of the water. You are not able to see your finger on the outside of the glass, but after wetting your finger and again placing it on the outside of the glass below the water line your finger will be visible. The moisture on your finger has provided a ‘window’ allowing the light to pass through rather than refract back into the glass. The same principle holds true for the passage of infrared energy at the point of contact within the drier. We use this simple demonstration now when giving tours of our Durham facility to explain how the drier works.”

“The end product is as pure as possible. The RW dryer produces a very high-quality product,” LaFond said.

Durham Research processes 40 all-natural ingredients that go into it’s ever-growing line of nutritional supplements through the Refractance Window Dryer. LaFond says the dryer has operated virtually 24 hours-a-day, everyday since 2004. Without this system, Durham Research Inc. would have probably faltered in its mission. LaFond says it has enabled Durham to do what few of its competitors can — create all of its own ingredients naturally and perfectly.

So happy are the folks at Bio San and Durham Research with the Refractance Window Dryer, they actually feature the system in their marketing and advertising materials. LaFond says it helps their customers understand why their nutritional products are better than the rest.

“Our customers understand that to provide the best products, they need to be as close to perfect as possible,” LaFond says. “Using this technology has enabled us to do just that. And as a result we have been able to move forward in our business.”