ERP Software

According to DEACOM, its Integrated Accounting and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Software System integrates all areas of a process manufacturing business– laboratory and formula management, inventory management, Material Requirements Planning (MRP), lot tracking, production, quality control (QC), expiration date management, sales, purchasing, CRM, environmental reporting, electronic document management, labor tracking, Point of Sale (POS), and accounting– in a single software solution. Integration lets manufacturers seamlessly trace raw materials from receipt through shipment, for example, and easily manage environmental reports, such as SARA reports, through configurable document templates.
Other benefits include:

  • Complete data visibility from one point of control. Users can view data from all business processes in one location.
  • The ability to drill down from summary data to transactional details, such as viewing sales orders from an accounts receivable summary.
  • Real-time, system-wide transactional posting. Receiving a purchase order, for example, instantly impacts inventory and accounts payable.
  • Easier maintenance/software updates because there are no software interfaces to maintain and just one vendor to manage.
  • Streamlined training. Users adjust to the “look and feel” of only one system.