Motor Management

Schneider Electric’s TeSys® T advanced motor management system is designed for the management of critical processes. Used with short circuit protection and a contactor, the TeSys T provides full monitoring, control and protection for electric motors. According to Schneider, the TeSys T’s innovation starts with the capability to be seamlessly integrated into an automation system. It natively supports five different communication protocols: Ethernet Modbus® TCP, Profibus, DeviceNet, CANopen and Modbus. The innovative TeSys T product line also comes with:

  • Outstanding operating characteristics, such as an extensive temperature range (-25 to 60 degrees C).
  • High monitoring accuracy (1 percent on current measurement).
  • A very compact size for the features offered.
  • The ability to withstand very harsh environments, such as a corrosive or dusty atmosphere or a high-vibration environment.