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Cheaper Equipment Isn’t Always Less Expensive

The difference between shopping at a general site and one that specializes in warehouse and industrial equipment and supplies is that with the latter you can explain what you need, ask questions and ensure that when the products are delivered they’ll actually work in your application.

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Perhaps one of the most significant contributions the Internet has made to our daily lives (outside of being able to connect with people we never spoke to and didn’t even know in high school) is the ability to find the rock-bottom price for just about anything we need to purchase easily. With a quick search on the right keywords, or a visit to megasites such as or eBay, we can find exactly what we’re looking for and save a lot of money to boot. Or so it would seem.

The truth is that strategy works for some items but not others. If you’re looking for a Sony video camera, or a new Chevy Volt, or an authentic 1950s Wurlitzer “bubble” jukebox they’re great. But when it comes to purchasing warehouse and industrial supplies and equipment, the waters get a lot murkier.

The problem is that most times you don’t have a specific brand or item in mind, so you search on a more generic term such as “shelving” or “casters.” What you return in results may or may not fit your requirements — but you won’t really know because there’s no one to ask. All you’re looking at is a very general product description, a photo and a price.

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