How Iron Man Can Help Make It in America

Mnet 131391 Nist Lead

You may not believe this, but economic development has something to learn from Iron Man. When Tony Stark and his “super suit” enter a combat zone, his technology scans the environment: inhabitants, structural deficiencies, assets, potential pitfalls. This evaluation, though quick, provides him with the information necessary to efficiently apply his resources (here, weapons) and leave the zone on top. Communities investing in manufacturing and economic development apply the same techniques as Iron Man, working in a region, scanning the environment and applying resources (tax incentives, workforce development and infrastructure upgrades instead of repulsor rays) to come out on top with robust economic growth.

It’s no secret that government budgets are tight. Everyone wants to find the most productive use for funds, and in the recovering economy job growth is a high priority. According to the Economic Policy Institute, manufacturing has played a leading role in the nation’s economic recovery, adding 504,000 jobs between February 2010, when manufacturing employment fell to its lowest point, and October 2012. These 504,000 jobs constituted 11.1 percent of the 4.5 million jobs created in that period. In order to continue this growth without straining budgets, local and state governments could benefit from a roadmap highlighting efficient and effective industries, community capabilities and workforce strengths for investment. This roadmap is derived from clear market understanding of the community and the region.

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