Cloud and Mobile Driving Innovation in Small Business Manufacturing

Our generation is witnessing an exciting transformation among small U.S. manufacturers. For the first time, many of these companies are able to realize productivity gains through cloud-based, mobile-enabled software solutions that large manufacturers have for years used to manage their operations with greater precision.

The time is right for small manufacturers to turn to the cloud for business software. The worldwide market for cloud computing will grow 18.5 percent this year to $131 billion, reports market research firm Gartner and – what’s more - this growth is expected to accelerate in North America, which is forecast to generate roughly 59 percent of all new spending on cloud services from 2013 through 2016, also according to Gartner. 

Company owners, managers and foremen at small U.S. manufacturers are quickly realizing that cloud and mobile technologies give them easy, cost-effective access to software that streamlines operations and enables them to manage projects quickly and efficiently. After rapidly deploying new manufacturing software through the cloud, small manufacturers immediately gain a better understanding of how their facilities operate, how to estimate resources for a new project and how to manage inventory. The result is greater efficiency, improved customer satisfaction, reduced operational cost and, eventually, higher profits.  This also enables manufacturers to develop a better understanding of how their facilities operate, which provides greater insight into projected costs leading to more accurate quoting and better resource planning. Benefits also include improved visibility into work center load and streamlined inventory management.

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