How to Find Success with Mobile Solutions

Mnet 132762 Mobile Solutions Lead

Mobile solutions have a huge potential to drastically increase the efficiency of field workers and save big money for companies in a range of industries. However, the implementation of mobile solutions is filled with pitfalls. Industry veteran Mikael Nilebacke, Managing Director of Erisma Technologies, gives his best advice on how to succeed.

Mobile solutions, i.e. software for PDAs and smartphones, have an enormous potential to improve efficiency and save big money for companies that today rely on time-consuming paper-based solutions. Industries such as fire safety, security, electrical, telecom, data, energy, power, construction, logistics, and heating/ventilation/cooling, have much to gain by adapting modern mobile business solutions for their work forces.

However, the transition from paper-based/manual/traditional solutions to advanced mobile solutions is filled with pitfalls. Many things can go wrong that can leave you with an inadequate, or in the worst case, non-functioning solution. Mobile business solution expert Mikael Nilebacke, CEO of Erisma Technologies with more than 15 years of industry experience, shares his top ten advice on how to succeed with the implementation of mobile solutions.

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