Labor Productivity & Global Competiveness

It’s been my long-held belief that no matter what we automate in manufacturing, or how flexible and effective a supply chain we develop, it’s how we manage the people in the business that will make the difference between good and world class.

When it comes to managing the workforce, very few industries are under more pressure than manufacturing. With tremendous price competition from developing countries and a world where products can be replicated across the globe and transported with ease, manufactures need to look at every aspect of their operations for competitive advantage and productivity improvements. And that includes the processes around people management.

Between employees’ increasing desire to have flexible working, the operations’ requirements for specific skills and certifications, the work rules and regulations that limit what jobs can be worked, a rapidly aging workforce and skills shortages, unscheduled absence, and the unpredictable personal issues that occur each day, it’s no wonder that production can be tough to start on time each day!

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