Microsoft Q&A: 'Manufacturing Is a Hotbed of Innovation'

Interview with Melissa Cook, Senior Director of Dynamics, Microsoft

Although it’s not difficult to find prominent industry leaders willing to tout all the positive elements the manufacturing industry represents, there is the risk of “preaching to the choir” in relaying this information to a manufacturing-centric audience. However, there’s also a significant level of cache and validation of these messages when they come from a prominent position within an iconic company.

This was the case when speaking with Melissa Cook, Microsoft’s Senior Director of Dynamics in the manufacturing industry. With a primary focus on the ERP offerings within Microsoft’s Dynamics platform, she holds a unique perspective not only on software, IT and manufacturing, but how they all fit together in solving industry problems and pushing the manufacturing sector forward collectively.

In this first of a series of 5 Quick Questions, Cook offers her thoughts on the future of manufacturing systems.

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