APEC Introduces the Food Grade Mistcoater

To help realize its goal of expanding into new markets, APEC is introducing the Food Grade Mistcoater. Used throughout other industries for the application of liquids to a dry product, APEC plans to market the unit as an alternative to the open-ended drum and spray nozzle arrangements typically associated with coating systems.

The Mistcoater is a totally enclosed machine that utilizes spinning disks to atomize the liquid(s) and apply it to a cascading dry product. The product to be coated enters into the machine and falls onto a rotating "dry disk." The material falls off the dry disk in a cascading helical pattern. Simultaneously, the liquid is pumped onto spinning disks located in the center of the cascading product. Liquid enters the machine through a single hollow vertical shaft. There are no spray nozzles to clog and create maintenance headaches. Multiple liquids are applied by simple static mixing just before the point of introduction into the Mistcoater. This liquid is atomized and flung out into the falling dry material. Internal scrapers prevent product build up on the walls of the coating chamber.

An optional twin screw ribbon and paddle conveyor gently mixes and allows the products to rub against one another which further increases the quality of the coating. APEC has successfully used the Mistcoater with a twin screw ribbon conveyor in its lab setting to successfully apply a 25% sugar solution to toasted O's and corn flake cereal. For those worried about the effect a twin screw ribbon and paddle conveyor would have on the product, APEC also has a compact inline model of the coater that can be "married" to an existing drum. An optional loss in weight or volumetric powder feeder allows for the tack application of powders such as sugar, spices or flavorings. The simplicity and versatility of the machine makes it a logical choice for liquid application.

Along with the Mistcoater, APEC also offers a complete line of material handling equipment that makes the company a single point supplier. APEC offers micro ingredient scales with the standard rollover type scale or optional indexing scale vessel for those applications that require no cross contamination. Available in 4- to 24-bin clusters, the micro scale consumes less floor space than competitive models. The optional TSS feeder drive system achieves accuracy of 0.01 pounds.

Ribbon mixers come fabricated in mild or stainless steel with sizes ranging from 150kgs to 5 tons. Other peripheral components include screw feeders, drag conveyors, belt conveyors, diverters, slide gates and bulk bag unloaders. Dry flow sensing equipment includes weigh screw and weigh belt conveyors plus the CentriFlow mass flow meter. A full range of liquid handling equipment completes any system package. This includes pumps, filters, day tanks and coreolis type flowmeters.