New Controllers Simplify Weighing Process

Installing a weighing system in your plant can be complex and expensive. Long start-up times and set-up calculations, coupled with high learning curves, are not cheap. PLC programming, rack space and CPU memory, along with control wire runs and extensive instrument programming, all add costs. Program several instruments at one time and the bill can get pretty big. With your system up and running, your maintenance schedule can be heavy to sustain end-product consistency and maximum productivity. Wouldn't it be nice to know that something's going wrong with your system before it actually breaks and shuts down production? Wishful thinking? Not really. Hardy Instruments has eliminated your guesswork with a new generation of weighing instrumentation. Its 3000 Series Controllers simplify your weighing process to save you time and money.


Every 3000 Series Controller comes with a specific weighing application completely built-in. No Programming is required, so you save on programming costs. The controller provides ample memory: it stores how much material you have processed, how many processes you have completed, how many you have to go to fill your order. It can even tell you how much raw material you have left.

Network Communication Options

Hardy's 3000 Series Controllers are designed to seamlessly communicate with a variety of plant networks, whatever your standard may be: DeviceNet, Ethernet 10/100 base T, Allen Bradley Remote I/O or Profibus. You benefit from having easy integration into all of your networks with one basic product. If you still want to use your PLC and maintain master control through it, we can simply be a "smart node" or subroutine in your PLC ladder logic.
        No network? No problem. Use the Hardy Control-Link platform to link together controllers in their own network, and still tie back into your PLC, taking the burden off it. Not only will the controllers fit seamlessly into your network, but any of the control parameters can be assigned (mapped) to any point on your plant network. You can transfer data back and forth between your controller and your PC, or directly control any other node on a DeviceNet network, since all the 3000 Series controllers are DeviceNet masters. Simply assign parameters using simple pull-down menus on our built-in web-browser.

Optimized Production Time And Accuracy

Series 3000 Controllers give you efficient and accurate control of your process. Auto self-adjusting preacts cut off your process at the precise time. This eliminates errors caused by delays in your systems response times or of material still in-flight. Need just a little more material to meet specs? The controller senses this automatically, and nudges or jogs in just the right amount.
        Need dual speed filling, dispensing or batch control? The company has you covered simultaneously or sequentially and will automatically determine the amount of material to be dribbled in to make the process as fast as possible. Have a problem with sticking or bridged material? It will detect it and let you know.

Multiple Operator Interfaces

You can access your 3000 Series Controller for configuration and monitoring purposes from the instrument's front panel or your Ethernet network using the controller's embedded web server. Wizards also allow you to quickly set the controller to your specific needs.
        Use your Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) by simply pointing it toward the front panel IR port to upload the data from the controller. From your Palm, you can then beam the data into another controller, synch it to a PC, or directly modify individual parameters in the instrument. This gives you a fast, flexible way to download data for archiving, reporting, transmitting or minor tuning up of parameters.
        Tired of having to fork out the funds to buy the newest controller with the newest features, or wish you had waited for that new whiz-bang feature? Register your product, and firmware containing the latest and greatest features of your controller becomes available electronically.

Weighing System Support And Troubleshooting Tools

Hardy's 3000 Series Controllers have built-in diagnostics to help you troubleshoot your weighing system should problems arise. In some instances, the controller will predict potential problems and alert you of them before they become a problem. Tell your controller to send an e-mail alarm to your desktop, your pager, even your cell phone (WAP enabled). If you lose a load cell, the controller will shut that cell off and automatically reconfigure the system with the remaining cells, and notify you of the change. Built-in automated tests insure your instrument is stable and your system is operational. In addition, controllers configured with enhanced Smart Diagnostic capabilities can read system and individual sensor voltages and weights to help you quickly isolate problems.
        Machinery surrounding your scales can introduce a vibratory force to the scales, causing fluctuating weight displays and inaccurate weights WAVERSAVER® enables the instrument to quickly ignore unwanted vibration signals. You obtain fast and accurate weight reading with improved quality and no waste.
        C2®, Second Generation Calibration allows you to electronically calibrate your whole weighing system from the instrument's front panel or a web browser, while letting you know if your scale is functioning properly. No need to remove live weight from the scale or use heavy test weights, interrupting your production and possibly threaten the safety of the employees performing the calibration test.
        SMM (Secure Memory Module) automatically backs up and stores the instrument's configuration data, protecting it from corruption. This rear accessible memory lets you copy and transfer setup data from one controller to the other in minutes.