Flooring Solutions Give Flavors Facility a Fresh Start

Brand Aromatics (Lakewood, NJ), a 10-year old company recognized for the innovative, high quality and concentrated flavors it provides to the food processing industry, experienced dramatic growth and needed to beef up its production capabilities by relocating to a new and larger facility. With a wide range of flavorings - poultry, meat, seafood and dairy - and soup bases, Brand wanted to continue its tradition of giving customers a competitive edge in the food marketplace.

Renovating an existing 45,000 square foot structure from floor to ceiling, Joseph Feltz Architects recognized the need for resinous flooring that could resist the extremely hot water necessary to produce Brand's flavorings, hot steam created in the process, and repeated exposure to hot steam power washing. A nonslip surface was also essential since employees would be working in close proximity to the hot vessels. Additionally, the production, dry storage, staging and batching room areas exhibited control joint deterioration, concrete cracks, defects, holes and depressions and airborne dust from the concrete slab.

The solution

Garon Products Inc., an ISO 9001:2000 direct to industry manufacturer of concrete repair, enhancement, and coating products, was chosen to evaluate and supply the right products needed to successfully repair and resurface the facility's concrete floors, and recommend a highly qualified Garon-approved local contractor to carry out the work. Garon's on-site analysis of floor thermal cycles during normal operation and cleaning activities, chemical attack and repeated exposure to hot steam and water power washing resulted in the recommendation of a seamless, high-build thickness floor resurfacing system in the production area. A special preparation process was used for successful binding of the coating to the slab. To create a proper profile for the resurfacer ("teeth" for the coating to "bite" into), steel shot blasting and diamond grinding was necessary.

Garon's epoxy-based repair products were used to fix joints and fill in cracks, holes and depressions. Garon's trowel-applied urethane mortar was installed on time and on budget with minimal disruption to the construction projects. The application of a urethane mortar topcoat to the urethane mortar provides key advantages such as longevity, wearability, slip resistance and aesthetic appeal. Additionally, Mortarthane™ Cove Mortar was applied to provide a seamless floor/wall transition while preventing bacteria buildup and providing easy cleanability.

The results

Brand's renovation is completed, and they are completely satisfied with the new Mortarthane™ HF flooring system installed in their facility. Their return on investment from a quality flooring system is multifaceted - enhanced safety, cleanability and aesthetics which increase efficiency and therefore, employee productivity. The FDA-compliant floor is easier to clean which also enhances safety and reduces downtime, resulting in increased productivity, while the more aesthetically pleasing/appealing bright red floor encourages employee cooperation in keeping the floor neat and clean. Additionally, the new flooring boosts employee morale, providing assurance that management has made safety a top priority and is concerned about employee safety. Heightened morale means employees can perform confidently knowing the floor is non-skid even under constant wet conditions resulting from power washing while ensuring compliance with OSHA.

According to Vice President Dennis Shea, Jr., the floor "is performing way beyond our expectations. Our processing room needs to have special heat and chemical resistant flooring and the Mortarthane products do just that. It allows our daily clean down and our nightly sanitation process to operate without the wear and tear that traditional floors may experience. We are extremely happy with the product and look forward to its continued longevity."

Brand Aromatics takes pride in their new facility, an image they project to employees and customers alike.
To watch a video of the actual installation at Brand Aromatics, visit FMTV at www.foodmanufacturing.com/videos, and use keyword: flooring.