Freaky Friday: March's Weirdest Food News

On the last Friday of each month (or, in this case, a week late), Food Manufacturing looks back at the most surprising or unusual food-related stories of the month. Here are our top picks for March:

  1. A pizzeria owner employs rodent warfare to gain the competitive edge. The man faces disorderly conduct, harassment and animal cruelty charges after unleashing bags of mice at competitors' pizza establishments. Police call his actions "food terrorism."
  2. All of the drama leading up to Kraft's 2010 acquisition of Cadbury hasn't quite died down yet. British lawmakers are furious that Kraft's CEO still refuses to appear before an inquiry panel into the controversial takeover.
  3. The poultry industry may have their chicken wings sidelined by the NFL Players Association. Football season is also hot wings season in most sports bars and barbeques across the country. Until the players and owners can reach an agreement, next season will remain on hold, denying poultry processors the bump in chicken prices that each new season brings.
  4. This just in: Marketing works. According to a new study, children believe that cereals endorsed by cartoon characters actually taste better. Any chance someone can invent "The Broccoli Panda?"
  5. A Croatian immigrant and worker at a Nestle facility in Kentucky faces extradition for Bosnian torture and murder charges related to her time in the Croatian army. The charges are related to incidents in which she is alleged to have forced Serbs to drink gasoline and human blood.
  6. A New Jersey man is suing caffeinated booze beverage maker Four Loko, claiming that after consuming two and a half cans of the drink, he experienced ongoing heart problems.
  7. The inmates are running the asylum... or at least the bakery. Convicts at Rikers Island prison in New York are responsible for baking 36,000 loaves of bread per week — enough to feed the prison population.

What crazy/funny/unexpected stories have you been following this month? Let me know at or share your thoughts on the Food Manufacturing blog.