See You In 2010

Today marks the deployment of Today In Food’s last newsletter of 2009. In August of this year, we launched our daily newsletter, and over the last several months, we’ve enjoyed building relationships with those of you who have subscribed to the magazine, visited the website, followed us on twitter or just heard about us through word-of-mouth. We’re excited to continue this in 2010

Next year we hope to continue to meet your information needs as we focus on issues specific to the food manufacturing market today. The industry has faced numerous challenges in 2009—from the unstable economy causing industry tensions across the board to more food-specific matters like the rising consumer interest in organic and healthy foods and consumer concern over safety in the food supply chain.

The food industry has taken on these challenges, especially understanding and meeting the consumer demand for healthier foods. This week alone, we’ve run stories about General Mills reducing the sugar content of cereal marketed to children, Campbell Soup reducing the sodium content of SpaghettiOs and Sara Lee reducing the salt content in many of its products by 20 percent. Three such stories might be insufficient to announce the emergence of a trend, but it will be interesting to watch how the industry moves in the coming year.

In response to increased consumer concerns over food safety—and after a year with several high-profile recalls—the food industry is currently backing legislation that is working its way through the U.S. senate and which would put in place stricter food safety controls and turn over recall authority to the FDA. The Food Safety Modernization Act aims to increase the security of the food supply chain and thereby foster a greater sense of confidence among consumers. We will all watch in early 2010, when the legislation is expected to be brought for vote.

In the changing marketplace, Today In Food and Food Manufacturing hope to continue to face these changes with you while providing the information you need to meet them. Happy Holidays, and we hope to see you in 2010.

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