From 'Moo' To 'Tweet': Cows Head To Twitter

Moooove over celebrities — the cows have come home, err to Twitter.

I’ve heard of companies putting themselves on social media networks, but I’ve never heard of them teaching their products to tweet before, and it got me thinking...

Do you have any idea how many of your employees, let alone customers, spend hour after hour on Facebook or Twitter? There are millions of people floating around out there on social networking sites, so using this new media to give them a window into your world may not be a bad thing.

Although the first cows on Twitter were part of a project to draw attention to the high-tech advancements in the dairy industry, maybe it could lead to some new uses for social media for the entire industry.

With more and more recalls popping up every day, food safety continues to be a hot topic. Maybe more cows and chickens and canned vegetables should be tweeting about their facilities and what they are doing to protect the food supply.

If you can get a consumer’s attention using something like a cow, I say run with it. Use ol’ Bessie to tell them how green you are, or how safe your factories run.

Using a quirky method to get your customers’ attention could put your brand name in their heads the next time they go shopping. Or maybe you could aim your tweets or blogs at children and get them interested in careers in your industry. Suppliers can take a peek at the methods companies are using and work to improve their offerings.

I’m not saying that you should put everything out there. You just need to pique their interest and get yourself noticed in this realm.

I think there is the potential for social media to change how companies present themselves and how consumers look at what they buy. Social media is growing and evolving, and it doesn’t look like it will be going away any time soon. You may not become a superstar overnight, but building better relationships with your customers couldn’t hurt.

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