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Oil Skimmers for Hydroelectricity

Abanaki’s oil skimmers and emergency oil spill systems can face the challenges inherent within hydroelectric power generation facilities, which must protect water resources.

Abanaki 1Abanaki has announced a full range of oil skimmers and emergency oil spill systems for the special challenges facing hydroelectric power generation facilities that must protect water resources from spills of hydraulic fluid.

Although hydroelectric-generated electricity is considered clean, small leaks of hydraulic oil from turbines at hydroelectric plants are not uncommon. The oil can end up in the facility's sump and spill into its water resource. Oil skimming cost-effectively removes the oil before the water is discharged into the environment.

Utilities may employ absorbents and other manual methods of oil skimming. These methods are messy and inefficient, and take maintenance personnel away from more important work. In contrast, Abanaki oil skimmers are proven in thousands of applications to be the lowest maintenance and most reliable means of removing oil from water.

The Oil Grabber® Model 8 oil skimmer is a dependable and cost effective tool for removing oil from sumps in hydroelectric plants. With its rugged construction it is made to last many years with little or no maintenance. The Model 8 oil skimmer utilizes a continuous belt and wipers to remove oil from sumps. With its specially designed belts, it can collect virtually all oil, and with the optional oil concentrator, it can virtually eliminate residual water that may be picked up.

Abanaki 2The Abanaki Model 8 belt skimmer may be part of an emergency oil spill system, in which wastewater flows though a coalescer tank, is skimmed, and then passes though filters. These systems satisfy the requirements of government standards intended to prevent oil spills from entering the environment. Abanaki has experience in designing and installing complete emergency oil spill systems for the power generation industry.

The Abanaki Oil Viper tube skimmer effectively removes floating surface oils by means of an oleophilic (oil attracting) 3/4 inch diameter continuous looped tube. The tube extends out over the surface of the tank or pit and collects free-floating hydraulic oil and other oily hydrocarbons.

The Oil Viper has a specially designed wiper system that removes more oil from the tube. The result is a virtually oil free tube as it leaves the skimmer, speeding oil removal. Removal rates can be as high as one hundred gallons per hour.

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