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BioAir Controls Major Odor in Jacksonville

A three-part installation of EcoFilter® units by BioAir can remove 99 percent of the H2S and more than 90 percent of the odors from your facility.

BioAirThe Buckman Street Water Reclamation Facility operated by JEA in Jacksonville, FL, will be the site of a new major odor control project designed and engineered by BioAir Solutions. The three-part installation of EcoFilter® units by BioAir, an industry leader in biological odor control for wastewater treatment plants, will remove 99 percent of the H2S and more than 90 percent of the odors from the facility, at residence times of approximately 6 seconds. The total air flow to be treated at the installation is 34,500 CFM.

The EcoFilter units selected by JEA utilize BioAir’s patented EcoBase™ structured plastic synthetic media, which provide for the controlled mass transfer of odorous compounds, with consistent and reliable-long term performance. The Buckman Street plant is closely surrounded by residences and a railroad/port facility, making air quality and odor control very important.

The Buckman Street Plant, one of JEA’s oldest treatment facilities, will have three EcoFilter units installed. One will be installed to handle the air stream from the pre-aeration basin, a second unit to handle the airflow leaving the biosolids disposal building and a third unit the handle odors associated with a raw sludge storage tank.

“JEA selected BioAir because of our ability to meet very stringent odor control requirements with a technology that is efficient and effective,” said Louis le Roux, president of BioAir. “The utility is very familiar with our capabilities since they worked with us on the pilot facility that demonstrated the technology we developed to handle wastewater treatment plant and collection system odors.”

BioAir’s le Roux added that the EcoBase media at the heart of the EcoFilter units is the key to the system that offers low operating cost, minimal maintenance and years of hassle-free treatment, with zero odor complaints from plant operators and those living nearby.

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