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Chem Show Takes Over Big Apple

For more than five decades, the Chemical Process Industries Exposition has been the key trade show for professionals, providing a unique venue to see, touch, and discuss new products. This year's edition of the Chem Show boasts approximately 600 exhibitors from around the world and is expected to draw more than 10,000 visitors.

For more than five decades, the Chemical Process Industries Exposition has been the key trade show for professionals, providing a unique venue to see, touch, and discuss new products. This year’s edition of the Chem Show boasts approximately 600 exhibitors from around the world and is expected to draw more than 10,000 visitors. Taking place Oct. 30 through Nov. 1 in New York City’s Javits Convention Center, the event offers a wide spectrum of emerging technologies involving everything from process design to the production line. The following pages present a unique look at some of the equipment and technology to be displayed products engineered to lower costs, increase efficiency, and improve quality. So, whether or not you’re attending the expo, you can use this 10-page guide to learn about some of the top technologies to be showcased during the three days that the Chem Show takes over the Big Apple!

Optical Sensors

Booth 1606

These two optical sensors measure properties of fluids on line. The AF26 dual-channel absorption sensor measures color and/or concentrations inline to aid product quality, maximize yield, minimize product loss, detect contaminants, or prevent excessive waste discharges. The sensor body is 316L stainless with sapphire optical windows and is suitable for virtually all sanitary CIP/SIP procedures. It can accommodate all hazardous area classifications, extreme temperatures, and pressures. The TF16-N NIR absorption sensor measures solids, turbidity, concentration, consistency, and optical density in a variety of industrial gas and liquid processes. The dual-beam design compensates for background color or color changes. Applications include chemical concentration in solutions (Cl2, ClO2, H2O2, ozone, permanganate, acids, etc.); trace hydrocarbons and aromatics (BTX) in water; free water in refined fuels/hydrocarbons; ASTM/Saybolt/APHA color measurements; and turbidity and suspended solids measurements.

optek-Danulat Inc., Germantown, WI; 800-371-4288;

Filter Media for Dust Collection

Booth 1219

Ultra-Web SB is a tough nanofiber filter media for dust collection in chemical, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, textile, grain, and other manufacturing processes. It combines the surface-loading and dust release capabilities of the company’s Ultra-Web nanofibers with a spunbond polyester substrate to create filter cartridges with durability, moisture and chemical tolerance, long life, high efficiency, and lower pressure drop for energy efficient operation. Wide pleat spacing allows thorough pulse cleaning of fine and fibrous particulate including ceramics, cotton, fiberglass, grains, grinding, polishing, and dust from powder coating. The substrate is made without resins to allow use where challenging conditions higher temperatures, chemicals, moisture could weaken or destroy the resin system within standard substrate media. Also available are cartridge filters with Ultra-Web nanofibers on cellulose and synthetic substrates as well as a filter made of spunbond substrate with a PTFE membrane.

Donaldson Torit, Minneapolis, MN; 800-365-1331;

Custom Fabricated Strainers

Booth 1402

New methodology for determining pressure drop calculations for custom engineered design projects enables this company to model flow through strainers and valves to accurately determine the pressure drop for any fluid traveling through stainless perf or mesh to any design condition. The new computational fluid dynamics software makes possible comprehensive fluid flow and heat transfer simulations through products, providing data on pressure drop to velocity magnitude. The company can also create 3D computerized product models to show the installation, flow, and positioning of custom engineered products. The company is IS0 9001:2000 certified and holds an IS0 9001:2000 certificate of registration from the Global Certification Network. All products are designed and manufactured to ASME Section Vm, Div 1, Current Edition with U and UM Code Stamp available.

Sure Flow Equipment Inc., Tonawanda, NY; 800-263-8251;

Rotary Tray Dryers

Booth 502

The Turbo-Dryer is a continuous rotary tray dryer used to dry water-wet or solvent-wet materials through a wide temperature range without the need for vacuum. Benefits include gentle handling for fragile materials, automatic operation, easy cleanout, and low horsepower/heat requirements. A sample of a few pounds of wet material allows the company to design a drier for any production capacity, and dryers are available for rent to confirm test results and provide larger quantities of dried product for evaluation or test markets.

Wyssmont Co. Inc., Ft. Lee, NJ; 201-947-4600;

High-Shear Fluid Processor

Booth 951

The M-700 Series Microfluidizer, a high-shear fluid processor, offers pilot and production performance levels with specific features for industrial chemical processing of materials including coatings, waxes, inks, pigments, and sealants. The processors can generate up to 40,000 psi, and scale-up from laboratory or pilot scale machines to full production machines is guaranteed. The system is designed for Ultra Clean In Place (UCIP). The series is available with Ethernet communication for connectivity to customer SCADA or DCS systems.

Microfluidics, Newton, MA; 800-370-5452;

Pre-Torqued Safety Head

Booth 1325

The SRB-7RS safety head eliminates problems with uneven torquing of flanges. It allows proper clamping of a rupture disk to be completed with torqued-precision at a technician’s workbench before installation between companion flanges, keeping the technician from having to torque the rupture disk device while standing on a suspended 80-feet-high catwalk, trying to maintain that torque value while manually pushing two unparallel companion flanges together. Torque values within the device do not change even within ill-fitting companion flanges. Other advantages include being able to take the rupture disk device out of service and then inspecting, cleaning, and reinstalling it without resetting the torque values; a bite-seal to keep the rupture disk from slipping; location pins to make sure the disks are installed correctly; J-Bolts to provide a visual signal of a correct installation; and multiple pipe flange compatibility.

BS&B Safety Systems LLC, Tulsa, OK; 800-272-3475;

Wiped Film Evaporators

Booth 1009

GIG Karasek’s PowerFilm rotor technology dramatically increases performance for wiped film evaporators at lower capital investment. A proprietary geometric shape causes the wiper to adjust performance depending upon the product characteristics, and rotor blade life is in excess of 10 years. In side-by-side tests against a competitor’s rotor designs, the process capacity was increased by 27 percent, and a monomer impurity level of 260 ppm was decreased to 10 ppm. In some cases, the technology may also be retrofitted into non-GIG Karasek wiped film and short path evaporators, extending investment life in those assets.

InCon Processing LLC, Batavia, IL; 800-633-5535;

Stainless Plate and Sheet Products

Booth 1236

AL 2003 is a duplex stainless steel that is nominally 20 percent chromium, 3 percent nickel, and 1.7 percent molybdenum. It features high strength and excellent stress corrosion cracking resistance, along with general and pitting corrosion resistance superior to 316L stainless. With its low nickel and molybdenum content, it provides an economical way to upgrade performance over 316L, and it is approved for constructing ASME pressure vessels up to 650F.

Rolled Alloys, Temperance, MI; 800-521-0332;

Online Vibration Data Collection

Booth 1263

The VibNode entry-level online monitoring system allows access to customized spectrums from a remote location, and it can scan six or 12 channels and then notify the user via e-mail or text message when the vibration level exceeds an alarm band. The system is configured with OmniTrend software for set-up, storage, and analysis of spectrums, which can be monitored and referenced to narrow band alarms. Operating power is 24 VDC to simplify installation.

Ludeca Inc., Doral, FL; 305-591-8935;

Blending System

Booth 203

The Model Z mass flow metering-based blending system replaces common proportional blending systems to improve and simplify performance; increase accuracy, yield, and flexibility; and reduce waste through “no dump” end runs and ease of operation. It provides true Brix blending for accurate recipe management and requires less than 10 minutes for product change-overs. Meter accuracy is 0.10 percent by weight (mass), Brix accuracy is 0.02 degree Brix, CO2 accuracy is 0.05 volumes. The system can be combined with other modules without loss of production line integrity.

KHS USA Inc., Edgewater, FL; 262-797-7200;

Parts Cleaning System

Booth 1159

The Bio-Circle parts cleaning system uses bioremediation to break down oil and grease and eliminates the need to haul away hazardous contaminated solvents. The cleaning solution strips the oil and grease off parts, encapsulates it, and then breaks it down into CO2 and H2O by ATCC class 1 microorganisms, which are safe to humans. The system is safe and effective for use on all metals. It is free of VOCs, pH neutral, solvent-free, non-flammable, environmentally friendly, biodegradable, non-toxic, and operator friendly. It generates no unpleasant odors and requires no frequent disposal fees. The unit’s wash basin can hold up to 440 pounds of parts and requires no special ventilation.

Walter Surface Technologies, Windsor, CT; 866-592-5837;

Oxidizer System with Secondary Heat Recovery

Booth 1544

This heat exchanger can achieve up to 80 percent heat recovery and capture waste heat from any high-temperature stack in process ovens, dryers, air pollution control equipment, or other plant heating applications. The design offers lower pressure drops, smaller equipment footprint, and reduced capital cost. Both custom and standard size units are available with multiple flow patterns and various materials of construction for condensing and corrosive air streams. When used with a regenerative thermal oxidizer, recuperative, catalytic, or direct-fired system, secondary heat recovery can provide regulatory compliance while significantly reducing operating expenses.

Anguil Environmental Systems Inc., Milwaukee, WI; 414-365-6400;

Digital Weight Indicator

Booth 1639

The Model 250X digital weight indicator, designed for wet or dusty environments, is rated IP69K. The plastic enclosure does not expand or contract with extreme temperature and prevents moisture and dust ingression with a double O-ring seal. The fascia is one continuous piece with a built-in ridged keypad that prevents particulates or solvents from entering. The keys do not move, and sensors signal when the keys are actually touched. The front panel includes a six-digit LCD backlit display.

SPX GSE, Allen Park, MI; 800-755-7875;

Steel-Reinforced Gasket

Booth 1229

Texolon pipe flange gaskets are molded PTFE with a 304 stainless steel perforated reinforcement core. Developed for sealing difficult chemical applications, they are for use when corrosive liquids, high pressures, or distinct pressure variations are present. The design of molded PTFE with metal stabilizes the seal face, enhancing the cold flow resistance and retarding creep within the flange and improving operational safety by reducing the need for repeated retorquing to maintain a leak-free seal. The gasket experiences more than one-third less stud load loss than virgin or glass-filled PTFE gasket materials. Gaskets are available in standard full face as well as special sizes up to 48-in. O.D. and in custom configurations.

Plastomer Technologies, Houston, TX; 800-345-4901;

Coated Stainless Duct

Booth 1156

PermaShield pipe is designed to meet the safety standards of building and fire code officials as well as industry regulators and insurers. Available from 2 to 120 in. in diameter, it offers design solutions for any size corrosive fume project. The system of fittings, dampers, and accessories combines the strength of stainless steel with the corrosion resistance of a fluoropolymer barrier coating.

Fab-Tech Inc., Colchester, VT; 802-655-8800;

Variable Flow Pumping

Booth 1237

Combining Ratio:Matic dual-head metering pumps with the V300 stroke rate controller provides proportional metering and electronically variable flow rate of two fluids at ratios from 1:1 to 1000:1 at flow rates from 20l/min up to 4 l/min. Ratio:Matic pumps consist of two independently adjustable pump heads that are direct coupled to a single variable speed drive. The V300 stroke rate controller is designed for accurate fluid metering in laboratory, R&D, test stands, pilot plants, process, and production applications. It features front panel membrane switches for manual setting of pump stroke rates adjustable in 0.1 percent increments. Stroke rate can also be controlled electronically via 4-20 mA, 0-5 VDC, and 0-10 VDC input. A 3 1/2 digit LCD readout displays percentage of flow rate or actual percentage of selected input signal.

Fluid Metering Inc., Syosset , NY; 800-223-3388;

Standardized Belt Filters

Booth 1601

A new standardized range of Pannevis RT filters is based on two options: the conventional SS wetted-parts design or the corrosion-resistant design. Features include standardization of components, options, and ancillaries; shorter delivery times; more compact design for larger models (new 3-m width replaces 2.88-m width); flexibility to add options during the order process or after installation; fast spare parts availability; exchangeable parts over different width models; simple modifications to upgrade or extend existing models; integrated automation over the complete range; and simplified automation upgrades.

Larox Corp., Lappeenranta, Finland;

Loading Arms

Booth 1144

Endura Series loading arms promise heavy-duty construction, optimized performance, downtime prevention, and reduced maintenance time and costs. The unit’s dual split flange swivel joints provide high load bearing capability, redundant sealing, leak detection, and easy maintenance. The joints also feature replaceable dual and single race bearing modules and the option to provide an inert gas purge for critical applications. An adjustable torsion spring counterbalance assembly provides precise spring-balance adjustment and a wide range of motion. Other options include steam-jacketed construction for the transfer of high-melting-point products and automatic shutdown.

OPW Engineered Systems, Lebanon, OH; 513-696-1500;

In-Situ NOx and O2 Monitor

Booth 1643

The INM-700 in-situ NOx/O2 monitor uses a zirconium oxide sensor and non-extractive point measurement to measure NOx and O2 at high temperatures. It is designed for use in coal-fired boiler applications such as near combustion point readings or for selective catalytic reduction system control. In addition, it is a viable alternative to FGAS shelters. The monitor can be used for burner balancing/combustion tuning to identify problem areas in furnaces due to gas stratification linked to specific burner columns and can perform measurements for combustion modification techniques such as low NOx burners, over-fire air injection, gas re-burn systems, boiler tuning, or combustion optimization programs used in emissions compliance strategies.

Horiba Instruments Inc., Irvine, CA; 800-446-7422;

Non-Metallic PVDF Pumps

Booth 1615

Design Level 3 SandPiper S15 and S20 non-metallic pumps are now available in PVDF as well as polypropylene. PVDF significantly expands chemical compatibility options. Design Level 3 improvements in both polypropylene and PVDF pumps include increased capacity, improved displacement/stroke, less weight, and increased energy efficiency.

Warren Rupp Inc., Mansfield, OH; 419-524-8388;

Wide-Range Level Measurement

Booth 1734

The TowerSens LB 490 rod detector, based on the LB 490 Uni-Probe radiometric (nuclear) continuous level detection system, features a measurement range exceeding six feet, even under varying ambient temperatures, and requires very low source activity due to its high sensitivity. The system consists of one electronic unit and one flame-proof housing for easier installation and lower cost than systems composed of several short cascading detectors.

Berthold Technologies, Oak Ridge, TN; 865-483-1488;

Pipe Support System

Booth 409

The Halfen Powerclick 63 modular pipe support system is designed to be quick and safe without welding or drilling. The system consists of four basic integral components offering multi-faceted applications, enabling the user to create hundreds of pipe support configurations. The system is adjustable on-site, thus minimizing inconvenient and costly modification work.

Halfen Powerclick, Converse, TX; 816-896-4266;

Sight Flow Indicators

Booth 335

Series FIF sight flow indicators feature a dual window design that allows increased visibility for on-the-spot viewing of a pipeline’s contents. Indicators are provided with flanged ends per ANSI B16.5 and B16.24, and full ANSI pressure Class 150 rating is available. The units offer investment cast construction. They may be configured with flapper, drip tube, or rotary flow indicators. Options include DIN flange connections and double window assemblies. Standard materials include bronze carbon steel or 316 stainless steel. Lens material is borosilicate glass, and lens retainers can be carbon steel or ductile iron. Fastener material is carbon steel, and gasket materials are neoprene or Teflon. Other materials are available upon request.

Papailias Inc., Northvale, NJ; 201-767-4027;

Multi-Purpose Ball Valve

Booth 824

The SK Series of multi-purpose ball valves offers positive quarter-turn shutoff for general process and control applications in fluid systems. Key features are 316 stainless steel construction, spring-loaded seats and floating ball, low-torque operation, and compact design. The spring-loaded seats and floating ball provide leak-tight integrity in both low- and high-pressure systems while reducing wear and extending cycle life. Their low torque allows for easy manual operation and the use of smaller pneumatic and electric actuators. Compact envelope and standard panel mounting make the valves suitable for installation in panels.

Swagelok Co., Solon, OH; 440-349-5934;

Float and Tape Gauge Transmitter

Booth 1040

The MCG 2000 MAX features ultra-low power Magnetic Absolute Xmitter technology, which was designed with two-wire loop-powered operation in mind. It provides 1/32-in. accuracy, features a graphical local LCD display, and is programmed via the company’s MCG 2150 handheld infrared calibrator. The unit is compatible with all industry standard digital protocols and also includes both wireless and battery-powered options.

L&J Technologies, Hillside, IL; 708-236-6000;

Filtration System

Booth 1703

The High Flow Filtration System delivers a high flow rate in a compact housing design. It uses the company’s Compound Radial Pleat design to achieve flow rates of up to 500 gpm per element while keeping the housing footprint to a minimum. Features include absolute rating for consistent product quality, operator-friendly cartridge and housing system, and FDA compliance per 21 CFR.

CUNO Inc., Meriden, CT; 800-243-6894;

Piping Design Software

Booth 1341

PIPE-FLO Professional 2007 is for those who design, build, operate, or maintain fluid piping systems. Enhancements include the option of creating piping system models as a 2-D or isometric drawing and a new shape editor for creating custom shapes for pumps, tanks, components, and control valves. Other new capabilities include the ability to copy and paste between piping system models, the ability to size a flow meter or balancing orifice, and the ability to insert that flow meter or balancing orifice into the piping system in a single step and view results instantly using the AutoCalc feature.

Engineered Software Inc., Lacey, WA; 360-292-4073;

Industrial Meters

Booth 1611

This industrial meter family includes a full line of meters in various materials, sizes, and fitting options. A precision meter line includes 3A rated meters. In addition, there are complementary lines of oval gear, turbine, and economy meters in a wide selection of sizes and materials.

Great Plains Industries, Wichita, KS; 888-996-3837;

Self-Cleaning Water Filters

Booth 741

The ORG Series of filters sends up to 90 percent less water down the drain than conventional self-cleaning filters. Available in sizes from 1½ to 8 in., the filters feature a vertical design that keeps their footprint to less than 18 x 18 in. while maximizing screen area. All filters are available with screens providing filtration from 3,000 down to 5 microns. Complete skid-mounted automatic filtration systems are also available.

Orival Inc., Englewood, NJ; 800-567-9767;

Teflon Safety Spray Shields

Booth 1436

Clear Teflon safety spray shields are made from Teflon-coated glass cloth with a 100 percent clear Teflon strip in the center of the shield, which allows for visual inspection. The shields are UV-stabilized and resistant to sun, rain, and fumes and may be used indoors or outdoors. Shields are easily installed by one person without tools, and spray shields can be customized for special requirements or applications. The material is fire- and tear-resistant and has a maximum operating temperature of 450F.

Advance Products & Systems Inc., Lafayette, LA; 800-315-6009;

Compact Peeler Centrifuge

Booth 702

The Model HZ 500 Ph pharma peeler centrifuge is the latest in this company’s line of centrifuges. Designed for pilot labs and small scale production, the unit offers a 20-liter basket volume and 0.4 m2 filtration area with features such as a compact design suitable for portability; full opening housing with quick-release clamp ring; polished surfaces and crevice-free design for easy cleaning; novel feed level controller; and pneumatic peeling device.

KMPT USA Inc., Florence, KY; 859-547-1100;

High Purity Hose

Booth 1630

Flexible tubing and hose for chemical transfer, air and gas lines, processing, water and fluid drains, and other applications are clean-room manufactured with purity as a critical consideration. Included are platinum-cured silicone tubing and reinforced hose; stainless steel overbraided PTFE fluoropolymer hose; rubber-covered FEP fluoropolymer hose; rubber-covered EPDM hose; hose identification solutions; molded silicone manifolds and parts; process component tracking systems that utilize RFID technology; and stainless steel fittings, collars, and clamps. Finished items are sealed in polybags and warehoused in a low-particulate-level white room. Many products meet USP Class VI, FDA, ISO, NSF, European Pharmacopoeia, and 3-A standards.

AdvantaPure, NewAge Industries, Southampton, PA; 888-755-4370;

Intelligent Dual-Input Analyzer

Booth 803

The Model 1056 intelligent analyzer is a flexible multiparameter analyzer that serves a wide range of industrial and municipal plants worldwide. Offering single- or dual-sensor input with an unrestricted choice of dual measurements, it reduces the cost per loop and saves panel space. The unit can measure turbidity; flow; pH/ORP/ISE; resistivity/conductivity; percent concentration; chlorine (free, total, monochloramine, pH-independent free chlorine); oxygen; ozone; and temperature. It features an LCD display, advanced measurement diagnostics, intuitive menus and help screens, and user menus in seven languages. Set-up is easy with quick-start screens upon start-up, auto-recognition of each measurement board installed within the device, and a display that prompts the user to configure each sensor in a few steps. It is designed with modular cards and removable connectors for reconfiguration in the field. The analyzer continuously monitors for problematic conditions, displays fault and warning messages, provides information about each condition, and guides troubleshooting through help screens.

Rosemount Analytical, Irvine, CA; 800-854-8257;

Packing Fiber for Pumps

Booth 918

GFO packing fiber is a high-performance composite material designed for use as a compression packing for sealing shafts on high-speed pumps, mixers, agitators, and any other equipment with rotating or reciprocating shafts. The packing fiber delivers an unmatched level of assurance and confidence to users. Because of its long and successful track record of proven performance, it sports the slogan “Pack it and Forget It.” The material doesn’t get hard or brittle, thus minimizing shaft wear. Additionally, its lubricity and high thermal conductivity keep it cool-running, even after extended periods of continuous use. As an additional practical benefit, users can standardize on this packing, thereby reducing inventory requirements and eliminating the potential costly confusion of where best to install multiple types of packing.

W.L. Gore Technical Services Group, Elkton, MD; 800-654-4229;

Ball Segment Valves

Booth 1019

The Lunar ball segment valves boast reduced product buildup, improved ease of cleaning, the ability to handle liquid to dry products (fine powders to course abrasives), and a chemically inert inflatable seal. The monoblock machined construction allows a wide range of optional instruments and components to be mounted including CIP spray nozzles, jackets for heating or cooling, temperature probes, inline pH monitors, sieves/magnets, and lump breakers. Available internal coatings include PTFE, chrome, and more. All valves are built to withstand pressure up to 150 psig and full vacuum as a standard. The valves are used in a wide range of applications in the chemical, pharmaceutical, food, and mining industries.

Jaygo Inc., Union, NJ; 888-815-2946;

Pressure Release Valve

Booth 1144

The A-14167-KY HCL pressure release valve is used on rail tank cars and has been proven to reduce the number of non-accident releases (NARs) caused by car handling. It also eliminates the cost of replacing ruptured discs blown during transit with hydrochloric acid (HCL) service. In addition, using the new valve eliminates the need for time-consuming pre-trip inspections of the rupture discs before every shipment. Built with corrosion-resistant PVDF-wetted parts and a PTFE-coated, stainless steel encased body that contains and surrounds the PVDF wetted parts (protecting them from abuse), it maximizes the in-service time of every tank car.

Midland Manufacturing, Skokie, IL; 847-677-0333;

Nylon Tubing

Booth 1630

The Nylotube brand of Nylon tubing features low moisture absorption (1.4 percent maximum at 73F); resistance to flex fatigue; tight dimensional tolerances; light weight with excellent bend radii and pressure ratings; and resistance to corrosion, abrasion, crushing, cracking, and brittleness. The tubing is stocked in both semi-rigid and flexible grades, six colors, and inch and metric sizes. It is suggested for instrumentation, chemical transfer, food and beverage lines, compressed air, refrigerant and cooling systems, pneumatic controls, low-pressure hydraulics, fuel and oil transfer, and paint supply and more. Nylon-12 formulation is stock, and Nylon-11 is available on a limited basis. These offer similar performance, although some Nylon-11 types are produced with FDA-approved ingredients for use with food contact surfaces. Nylon-12 is more often used in industrial applications and is somewhat less expensive. Both may be used with a wide range of temperatures (-90F to +212F) and attach easily with push-to-connect fittings.

NewAge Industries Inc., Southampton, PA; 800-506-3924;

Corrosion-Resistant Pumps

Booth 1100

The Series HA 3x and the ANSI dimensional EH 3x2 value line of molded, corrosion-resistant centrifugal pumps are manufactured in horizontal and vertical configurations with flows to 400 gpm or 170 feet of TDH. They are available in high-temperature polypropylene or chlorinated polyvinyl chloride for superior corrosion resistance. When paired with Serfilco Duty motors, which are chemical duty motors up to 15 horsepower, they promise low maintenance and long trouble-free service life. A major feature is their compact size relative to their high output flow and TDH. The fully enclosed primary impeller provides high hydraulic efficiency at low horsepower. These pumps serve a variety of applications that require high flow or high purity including chemical processing, waste treatment, cooling towers, and municipal filtration. Other common uses for these pumps include air pollution control scrubbers, plating and anodizing, and reverse osmosis pre-filters.

Serfilco Ltd., Northbrook, IL; 800-323-5431;

Butterfly Valves

Booth 1144

Newly enhanced high-performance butterfly valves have a double eccentric (double offset) design that minimizes torque and increases valve service life by decreasing seat-to-disc interference throughout the disc travel. Valves are suited to such applications as pharmaceutical and ethanol production, and they are available in wafer and lug design for ASME Class 150 and 300 (2 to 24 in.) and ASME Class 600 (2 to 12 in.) The valves are bi-directional by design but have a recommended flow direction marked on the valve body. Valves are available in three types of seats: soft seated (PTFE and R-PTFE); fire safe (R-PTFE with 316 SS); and metal seated (316 SS, Inconel/Stellite, or Inconel/ENP). Also enhanced is the LBV Series of lined butterfly valves, now available in a variety of liner and disc materials through 24-in. sizes. They are engineered for use in the chlor alkali, petrochemical, textile, pharmaceutical, semiconductor, mining, pulp and paper, and agriculture industries.

Sure Seal, Mineral Point, MO; 573-438-5000;

Peristaltic Hose Pump for Abrasive Fluids

Booth 1351

Hose pumps such as the SPX pump have no expensive seals to replace, no check valves to clog, and no moving parts in the product stream, making them ideal for abrasive slurries. Advanced hose technology enables the SPX to pump for a long period of time, and with its self-loading design, hose replacement is easy. The pump’s operation is simple: a hose element positioned along the stationary pump housing is compressed from the outside by shoes that are mounted to a rotor, and then fluid is pushed toward the discharge as the rotor slides the shoes along the hose element while the restitution of the hose element behind the shoe allows more fluid to be drawn into the pump. This design means the abrasive fluid is contained within the hose element. The rotor remains outside the pumpage zone and never actually touches the product being moved.

Watson-Marlow Bredel, Wilmington, MA; 800-282-8823;

Filter and Bulk Media Tanks

Booth 1802

This company’s off-site filter and bulk media tank manufacturing capabilities enable it to build vessels as large as 10 feet in diameter with pressure ratings to 2,500 psi. Off-site manufacturing capabilities include plant management, engineering services, and complete production facilities. The company has ASME, DNV, and Bureau of Veritas codes and uses a variety of non-destructive testing procedures. Typical products include single-bag housings, multi-bag housings, polypropylene housings, indicating filters, centrifugal separators, backwashing systems, coolant filter systems, high-capacity elements, and filter bags.

Rosedale Products Inc., Ann Arbor, MI; 800-821-5373;

Hot and Cold Formed Elbows and Fittings

Booth 855

This company manufactures hot and cold formed elbows and fittings from almost any pipe they produce, ranging in size from 1 1/2-in. schedule to 8-in. schedule. Corrosion-resistant choices are available in titanium grades 2, 7, and 12; zirconium 702; and clad combinations of choice such as nickel-lined carbon steel, titanium clad niobium, and titanium clad copper. In addition, there is a new 8-in. SCH 40 seamless grade 7 titanium short radius elbow, which is cold formed, and there are new carbon steel hot formed elbows in 2-in. SCH size. Manufactured from seamless pipe, the new fittings complement the current product line of extrusions including pipe, tube, shapes, rod, bar, wire, and other forms.

Nu-Tech Precision Metals, Arnprior, ON; 613-623-6544;

Triple Play: 3 Pavilions Prove Popular

Professionals seeking the latest news and products to impact the maintenance, process control, and powder processing segments of the industry will be interested in three expanded pavilions at this year’s Chem Show. Here is what these three pavilions, long considered to be key features of this biennial event, have to offer.

The Facilities & Maintenance Showcase pavilion continues to grow in popularity. It is designed to provide a broad cross-section of professionals with a comprehensive overview of the products and services they need to reduce downtime, meet stringent regulatory requirements, improve performance, and increase reliability. More than 22 leading suppliers of maintenance solutions from around the country will be displaying hundreds of products never seen before at any other event.

The Process Control & Automation Center will showcase hundreds of new products from more than three dozen leading suppliers from four countries. Products featured in this pavilion range from advanced software systems for a variety of applications to process control, plant integration, measurement, and analytical equipment.

The Powder Processing Showcase pavilion presents a special focus on powder-related products from 35 companies including five first-time exhibitors. Products featured will include filtration equipment, mixers, controls, particle size analyzers, heat exchangers, explosion protection, scales and check weighers, dryers, material handling equipment, control software, sieving and screening equipment, powder transfer systems, pumps, and valves and mills.

In addition, there will be an Outsourcing Services and Contract Manufacturing Pavilion that will provide resources for companies that need to outsource specialized services and production capabilities. Special products featured in this pavilion will include couplings, filters, cleaning equipment, test and measurement equipment, corrosion-resistant materials, detectors, storage tanks and pressure vessels, hoses, gauges and meters, seals and gaskets, packing, replacement parts, tubing, inspection instruments, and alloys.

High Marks: Educational Sessions Set

The Chem Show provides information on the latest trends and technologies in its educational conference, which is built around three provocative tracks this year. Technical sessions, management forums, operations workshops, tutorials, and short courses are offered for each of these tracks. They are titled “Financially Sound Green Engineering,” “Smooth, Safe, and Secure Processes,” and “Efficient Bulk-Solid Handling.” Each is explored below.

The “Financially Sound Green Engineering” track will keep business implications in mind while addressing topics that relate to sustainability, environmental concerns, and other green issues. Sessions will include: Improving Energy Efficiency, Business and Technological Implications of Greenhouse Gas Regulation, CPI Water Supply Conservation, Reuse, and Treatment, How Biotechnology Can Work For You, Energy Efficiency Through Air Pollution Control Systems, Combustion of Alternative Fuels in the CPI, and Effects on Air Pollution Control.

The “Smooth, Safe, and Secure Processes” track will focus on ways to minimize costs and keep personnel and processes safe. Sessions will include: Practical Automation, Wireless Solutions for Personnel and Plant, Smooth Fluid Handling and Control, Pump Reliability, Energy Savings, and Vibrations, A Holistic Look at Plant Security From the Perimeter to the Control Room, and Using a Piping System Model for Process Safety Management.

The “Efficient Bulk-Solids Handling” portion of the conference will explain how to bring together practical expertise, including best practices, to help in the effective handling of powder and bulk solids. Sessions will include: Powder Flow Fundamentals, Pneumatic Conveying Fundamentals, Bulk Solid Feeders, Preventing Particle Caking and Attrition, Transfer Chute Design, and Troubleshooting and Solving Pneumatic Conveying Problems.

More detailed information, as well as registration information, is available at

Nano News: Symposium to Debut at Show

A symposium designed to help professionals better understand the benefits of nanotechnology will be a new feature of the Chem Show this year. It will present cutting-edge research in nanotechnology and commercialization from some of the world’s leading nanoscientists and business leaders.

Created by Innovative Research and Products, the symposium will provide insight into nanotechnology, nanomaterials, and nano-bio convergence as well as how these emerging technologies will affect the market. Innovative Research and Products provides industry-market research analyses and technical-economic assessments of business opportunities and technology commercialization for corporations and institutions. Its consultants work to spot key trends at very early stages and to stay on top of new developments.

Symposium sessions will include:

Nano 101 Processing Challenges in Nanoscale Materials

Nanotechnology and Nanomaterials Application and Market Trends

Nanomaterials and Chemicals for Nanotechnology Applications

Do’s and Don’ts of Intellectual Property Filings

Nanotechnology is the engineering of functional systems on the molecular scale. It refers to the projected ability to construct items from the bottom up, using techniques and tools being developed to make complete high-performance products.

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White Paper: Piping and Process Safety

Ray Hardee, P.E., chief engineer with Engineered Software Inc., a leading provider of software used to design and simulate the operation of fluid piping systems, will present the abstract “Using a Piping System Model for Process Safety Management” during the last day of the show. The OSHA mandated standard for Process Safety Management of Highly Hazardous Chemicals requires a systematic approach for evaluating the process including the process design, process technology, operation and maintenance, and emergency preparedness plans, along with a training program.

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