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Keep On Truckin’

Bullet List A combination of fuel cell stack and advanced batteries to balance the need for rapid acceleration with operational efficiency, while generating zero emissions.

These green alternatives to gasoline may help you lower your lift truck fuel costs.

With crude oil costs at an all-time high, many lift truck companies are examining ways in which to integrate fuel-saving technology into their product offerings—and gasoline isn’t the only kid on the block anymore. Thus far, there isn't any shortage in terms of the types of alternatives available, and this will be even more true further down the road.

Komatsu’s Hybrid Electric Forklift

According to Komatsu, its hybrid utilizes two power sources, a capacitor and a motor power battery, creating up to 20 percent in energy savings. The controller captures five different sources of regenerated current and stores the energy in a large capacitor. This capacitor then delivers current to the truck, as directed by the onboard controller, to deliver power as needed to achieve peak performance levels.

The Komatsu truck can work for 11 hours per day with a one-hour opportunity charge during the shift. Components include a sealed maintenance-free battery, a built-in inverter charger, a capacitor and an onboard charge controller to keep the truck running at peak performance throughout its work cycle.
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Plug Power’s GenDrive

Plug Power Inc. of Latham, NY, recently introduced GenDrive™, a complete line of fuel cell power units and hydrogen refueling technology, which can supply the motive power requirements for pallet trucks, counterbalance rider trucks and narrow-aisle reach trucks. Designed to be an emission-free conversion option for fleets, the company touts the following benefits of the GenDrive:
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Oorja Protonics’ Methanol Fuel Cell

Oorja Protonics designs and manufactures direct methanol fuel cells that provide battery charging for forklifts, pallet loaders, automated guided vehicles and other material handling equipment. According to the company, its flagship product, OorjaPac™, runs on methanol, which is a green alcohol-based fuel that significantly reduces greenhouse gas emissions, lowering your carbon footprint. Refueling the OorjaPac takes less than two minutes, improving productivity, and supplies enough power for an entire shift.

OorjaPac functions as an onboard battery charger. It trickle-charges the vehicles battery while the vehicle is operating and while it is parked, eliminating the diminished productivity that comes during battery charging and swapping. Designed for a variety of taxing industrial environments, OorjaPac operates in the temperature range from 0 to 40 degrees C and fits within the vehicles battery compartment.
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