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Upgrading Business Processes Using ERP Software

A pharmaceutical manufacturer was able to transition from manual business processes to an integrated enterprise resource planning software system in three months.

DEACOM ERP softwareDeacom, Inc. today announced Supplemental Manufacturing and Ingredients, LLC, a manufacturer of dietary and nutritional supplements based in Tempe, Ariz., and the exclusive manufacturer of products for HealthSport, Inc., has licensed the DEACOM Integrated Accounting and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Software System to facilitate the company's entrance into the pharmaceutical industry.

SMI entered the nutraceutical industry in 1996 with a key line of flavor formulations, and currently specializes in the formulation, packaging, and logistics of nutritional supplements. The company used manual processes to manage its business, such as Excel® and Word applications to generate regulatory documentation like Certificates of Analysis and product labels, and Quickbooks to track formulations.

These manual processes, coupled with the company's opening of a new cGMP-certified facility in early 2010 to manufacture over-the-counter and prescription thin-strip dissolvable pharmaceutical products, drove SMI to search for a single Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software system.

"At SMI, we place quality and service as our top priorities," said Kevin Taheri, CEO of SMI. "We needed a system that could handle our strict manufacturing requirements, and easily transition into a company with minimal IT support."

SMI selected the DEACOM Integrated Accounting and ERP Software System based on its ability to seamlessly link all areas of a pharmaceutical manufacturer - including inventory and lot control, formulation, purchasing, production, sales and CRM, regulatory reporting, and accounting - in a single system.

Taheri said the simplicity of DEACOM stood out from other software systems.

"We sought a vendor that could handle our aggressive three-month implementation schedule, and handle it well," said Taheri. "DEACOM's design and installation process is straightforward enough to accomplish our goal."

SMI is scheduled to go live with DEACOM in December 2009 in their existing facility, and will bring the new plant online in the first quarter of 2010.

To learn more about the DEACOM Integrated Accounting and ERP Software System or to schedule an online demonstration, call 610-971-2278 ext. 15 or visit