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Solving An Age-Old Powder Handling Dilemma

Access Security Products Ltd. manufacturer burglary and fire resistant vaults and security equipment using a proprietary cement mixture in the walls that render them almost impenetrable to thieves and fire. This material also happens to be very difficult to handle. After a year of using a crane to manually unload, they finally found a real solution.

Access Security Products Ltd. is a manufacturer and supplier of burglary and fire resistant safes, vaults and physical security equipment. The company uses an expensive proprietary cement mixture in the walls of their safes and vaults rendering them almost impenetrable to thieves and fire. This castable material has an extremely high compressive strength and provides maximum burglary resistance. It also happens to be a very difficult product to handle. The material is a fine powder, which arrives by container quite compacted, has very poor flow characteristics bridges easily, is very abrasive and readily absorbs moisture. 

About once each month a single container holding 20 tons of cement arrives from Europe. The cement is packaged in twenty 2,000 lb single trip, single loop, lined bulk bags which must be emptied into a large outdoor storage silo.  The entire load of material must be emptied into the silo as quickly as possible to minimize moisture absorption. The company’s goal was to empty a single bulk bag in 30 minutes and all 20 bulk bags within ten hours. They needed a robust and reliable powder handling solution to accomplish the task. 

Access Security had initially purchased a $40,000 pneumatic conveying system from another supplier but the cement material accumulated within the conveying tube rendering the conveyor completely inoperable. After working with the vendor for some time without resolution, Access Security had no other choice but to scrap the equipment and find an alternative conveying solution.  The company was without a powder handling system for about a year and was emptying the bulk bags directly into the storage silo with a crane - an expensive and labor intensive process.

The requirements for a new system were:

  • Provide a completely CLOSED robust system that could reliably convey their cement material without material build up and excessive wear on equipment.
  • Accommodate bulk bag unloading inside the company’s warehouse but convey the product through the roof, outside the building and into a large outdoor storage silo approximately 40’ away.
  • Operate reliably and consistently in temperature and weather extremes typical in Ontario.
  • Provide a dust free solution to minimize exposure to moisture in the environment and to provide a clean and safe work environment for employees.
  • Successfully unload the 2,000 lb single loop, lined, single trip bulk bags within 30 minutes or less.
  • Incorporate appropriate discharge aids (side massage, bottom massage and agitation) to encourage material flow.
  • Minimize product loss.
  • Offer proof that the recommended solution will work before purchase.
  • Provide a solution guarantee!

Due to the characteristics of the particular cement mixture and the frustration the customer had previously experienced, Spiroflow Systems experts recommended that it be tested in the company’s test lab. President Peter Gauthier commented, "Having our cement powder thoroughly tested was a vital step in the process. It gave us confidence that the recommended solution would work as specified." Additionally, Spiroflow Systems guaranteed any powder handling solution tested in their lab. "The company’s performance guarantee also gave us piece of mind," added Gauthier. 

Based on Access Security’s requirements, Spiroflow Systems recommended their T4 Single Trip Bulk Bag Unloader, a combination of Flexible Screw and Aero Mechanical Conveyors and a Control Panel. Given the physical properties of the cement powder, Spiroflow engineers recommended that the company completely clean the equipment after each container of material is conveyed into the outdoor storage silo. This prevents any potential material build up from interfering with equipment operation.

Once installed and commissioned, operators at Access Security report that the new powder handling system works beautifully. The system is reliable, operates just as promised and performs at twice the required rate - all without material build up. The closed system keeps the cement powder dry and contained, resulting in minimal product waste and a clean, safe environment for employees.  



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