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Better Control of the Incineration Process

One of Japan's largest sludge plants installs three Metso TS FT050 total solids transmitters to measure the water content of dry cake after purchasing new dewatering equipment.

ChemInfoMetso has signed an agreement with Tsukishima Kikai Co. Ltd. to supply microwave transmitters for one of Japan's largest sludge plants. Tsukishima Kikai will equip the sludge plant with a new carbonizing incinerator and three new tornado press dewatering machines. Metso will deliver three Metso total solids transmitters, TS FT050, to be installed after the dewatering equipment to measure the water content of the dry cake.

With accurate measurement data, the plant operators will be able to better control the incineration process and thus increase its efficiency. Additionally, it can optimize the amount of support fuel, which is mainly fossil fuels, such as oil and gas, resulting in energy cost savings. Metso TS is practically maintenance-free compared with an optical measurement that requires washing.

Metso was chosen as the supplier for the plant based on its good track record from five earlier deliveries to Tsukishima Group's other projects in Nagoya City, Chiba Prefecture and Chiba City, as well as other good references that Metso has delivered to Japan over the past 10 years.

Around the world, there are about 350 Metso TS transmitters at wastewater treatment plants in sludge pumping, thickening, digesting, dewatering and dry cake applications.

Headquartered in Tokyo, Tsukishima Kikai Co. Ltd. has two main businesses: water environment and industrial businesses. It has about 600 employees. In 2011, the company's net sales amounted to nearly JPY 78 billion (about EUR 800 million).

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