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Let There Be (LED) Light

Paulaner Brewery Group was looking for a powerful, energy-saving and low-maintenance lighting system that would increase the quality of light in the driveway, consequently increasing safety.

The Paulaner Brewery Group includes the beer trademarks Paulaner, Hacker-Pschorr, AuerBräu, Thurn & Taxis and Hopf, and has about 800 employees. It is the leading exporter of Bavarian beer specialties to the most important foreign markets (Italy, USA, France and Spain). In 2010, the Paulaner Brewery Group distributed almost 3 million hectoliters of beer.

Environmental protection has always been of prominent importance to the Munich-based Paulaner Brewery Group. Its well-proven environmental management system documents, according to DIN ISO 14001, how the eco-balance is being permanently improved and makes the measures visible. Every year, objectives and projects to reduce energy and water consumption are defined. Although lighting only contributes a smaller portion to the overall energy consumption of the Paulaner Group, it strives for reducing CO2 emission in that area and increasingly relies on the use of energy efficient LED lighting fixtures.

The 8-M (H) and 120-M (L) covered truck driveway had been equipped with 14 down-light fixtures for 400-W high-intensity discharge (HID) lamps with an on-time of approximately 2,000 hours per year. The department manager for electrical equipment, Harald Zeiller, describes the issue:

“We could not switch the fixtures on and off on demand since the metal halide lamps need to cool down for approximately 10 minutes before you can turn them on again. And then it takes almost the same amount of time until they have regained their full intensity. Furthermore, the maintenance costs haven’t been insignificant.”

The company looked for a powerful, energy-saving and low-maintenance lighting system that, in addition, increases the quality of light in the driveway and thereby the safety for pedestrians.

Zeiller opted for the LED high-bay fixtures from Dialight.

“Besides the mere technical data and the saving potential, I was especially impressed by the five-year manufacturer warranty,” he says. “Also important to me were the easy mounting and the special design of the cooling fins, which makes it very unlikely that the inevitable deposit of diesel exhaust particulate will significantly compromise the cooling function.”

The LED high-bay fixtures have been combined with a newly installed EIB bus system, and are switched on and off in groups controlled by a light sensor. This results in further 30 percent energy savings, in addition to the already greatly reduced system power consumption of 2.4 kW, compared to the former 6.2 kW, which has been realized solely by switching to LED technology.

Thus, a further contribution to achieving the environmental goals for 2011 has been made.

“The new light is of a completely different quality, provides better contrast and is more brilliant,” Zeiller comments. And, to increase the safety for the pedestrians walking through the driveway, he has even invested in two more fixtures.

Altogether the team at Paulaner is very satisfied with the new LED lighting, as well as with the cooperation of Dialight. Says Zeiller: “From sampling to shipping, everything went quickly and hassle-free, and if the quality furthermore holds what Dialight promises, there is, by all means, an opportunity for further installations.”

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