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New Process Technology Increases Production Capacity

New process technology from GEA Liquid Processing increases Urtekram International’s production capacity for body care products.

GEA Liquid Processing in Skanderborg, Denmark – a technology company of GEA Process Engineering - has delivered new process technology to Urtekram International A/S. The new technology BATCH FORMULA™ is an advanced mixing system that has contributed both to an increase of production capacity and continued maintenance of product quality.

Production Optimization

In close cooperation with GEA Liquid Processing - which is GEA Process Engineering’s technology centre for Liquid Mixing Systems in Skanderborg, Denmark - Urtekram International has achieved an increase in its production capacity for organic body care products.

Steen Resen, Export Manager at Urtekram International A/S, said:  “When we set up the success criteria for our investment, it was important to us that we would be able to increase production capacity by a factor of three. After putting the mixing plant into service, we have experienced an even larger increase of our production capacity. Suddenly we are faced with a payback time of less than two years which is unique for us. The new investment has – among other things – contributed to a reduction of our total consumption of energy and power which is naturally completely in keeping with our ecological mindset.”

Improved Product Quality

By investing in the new mixing system, Urtekram International has ensured the highest possible quality for its organic products. Steen Resen continued:  “It is our experience that our customers are very quality-conscious regarding colour shades, viscosity and air in the product. Any obstacles we may have had in the past are now completely overcome thanks to the new mixing technology from GEA Liquid Processing. With the BATCH FORMULATM mixer, we now have a production plant that is at the forefront of technological development, and we have made sure that all products are 100% reproducible.”

Rewarding Trials

In connection with Urtekram’s investment, several trials were performed at GEA Liquid Processing to ensure that the mixing system would be able to meet the requirements put forward by

Urtekram International A/S. Kirsten Holt, Head of Planning at Urtekram International A/S said: “When we started examining the market for mixing technology, we had very high demands for an optimal hygienic design, and the BATCH FORMULATM mixer was able to meet these demands completely. We became acquainted with GEA Liquid Processing at a FoodPharmaTech exhibition in Herning, Denmark. Subsequently, they contacted us, and the relationship was established. GEA Liquid Processing offered to run trials with different products at their pilot plant in Skanderborg. In the beginning, we were not very familiar with mixing technology, but during the trials we experienced the large potential of the mixer.”

“During our trials at GEA Liquid Processing, we experienced an amazing service-mindedness which definitely helped us decide on which mixer type to invest in. Urtekram and GEA Liquid Processing have worked closely together on optimising the production plant so that it is prepared for future demands for new organic products,” Kirsten Holt concluded.

Complete Energy-optimized GEA Solution

GEA Liquid Processing has supplied a complete energy-optimized solution that includes a GEA cooling unit contributing to a reduction of the cooling time and shortening of the batch time. Furthermore, the process water is heated in a plate heat exchanger from GEA PHE Systems, so that the process temperature is increased immediately.

Claus Patscheider, Product Manager at GEA Liquid Processing said:  “Working with Urtekram has been a rewarding experience for us.  We have found a green and energy-optimized solution which goes hand-in-hand with Urtekram’s sustainable and ecological profile. One of the characteristic features of the BATCH FORMULATM mixer is the opportunity for “One-Pot Processing” which – among other things – reduces resource consumption to a minimum.”

Versatile Technology from GEA

The BATCH FORMULA™ mixing system from GEA Liquid Processing is the most versatile system available; it can be used in a number of different contexts and industries. Besides body care products, the BATCH FORMULA™ mixing system is also suitable for other production processes where liquids are to be enriched with different powder products. Consequently, the mixing system can also be applied in the dairy industry for production of baby food, pre-mixing of products for production of yoghurt and ice cream as well as for production of cream cheese.  

“With the BATCH FORMULA™ mixing system, the customer can be sure to achieve optimal emulsification and a homogenous product. The powder is dispersed in the liquid by means of a vacuum, so that froth formation and air in the product is reduced to a minimum,” said Claus Patscheider.

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