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Hot Oil Filtration Systems for Fiber and Resin Manufacturers

Facility downtime, especially unscheduled maintenance, is greatly reduced and plants operate more efficiently since heat transfer fluid is filtered continuously while the thermal fluid system operates.

Hot oil filtration systems from Liquid Process Systems, Inc. are now available for fiber and resin manufacturers to continuously filter contaminants down to 10 microns for cleaner oil and smoother running plants. Facility downtime, especially unscheduled maintenance, is greatly reduced and plants operate more efficiently since heat transfer fluid is filtered continuously while the thermal fluid system operates.

A fluid filtration system from Liquid Process Systems is ideal for fiber and resin manufacturers or any plant working with high temperature processes for adhesives, sealants, paint, coatings, textiles, chemicals and numerous other products.

Benefits of Thermal Fluid Filtration System

A hot oil filtration system from Liquid Process Systems is a great way to reduce downtime and keep plants operating efficiently at their fullest capabilities. Benefits of the company’s fluid filtration systems include:

  • Systems are customizable to fit any plant’s needs.
  • Side stream filtration is easy to integrate into any new or existing facility.
  • Contaminants filtered down to 10 microns.
  • Fluids are kept cleaner longer to extend the useful life of the thermal fluid.
  • Fouling and carbon sludge buildup are significantly reduced.
  • Unscheduled maintenance is minimized eliminating production stoppages.
  • Increased heat transfer efficiency allows for reliable plant operation.
  • Cleaner fluid reduces wear on moving and rotating parts.
  • Hot oil filtration results in a three-fold increase in pump life.
  • The system pays for itself in a relative short time.
  • On-going filter element change out costs is minimal.

“Not filtering hot oil or thermal fluid can result in a disruption of plant operation,” noted Judy Shums, Liquid Process Systems’ President. “Mechanical failures can occur at the worst possible times for a plant. Replacement parts can take days to arrive and be installed to get the facility back to production. Our economical filter systems can be installed with minimal plant disruption and save you time and money.”

Technical Information

Liquid Process Systems hot oil filtration systems are customizable on a per plant basis and offer the flexibility to fit any facility’s need as well as match corporate hot oil piping specs.

The patented design of our systems can be integrated into existing facilities or installed in new plants. Flow rates and cleaning capacity range from 5 to 200 gallons per minute (19 to 758 liters per minute) depending on the individual plant’s requirements. Number of elements per housing ranges from one to seven. The filtration systems can withstand hot oil temperatures up to 650°F (345°C) and pressures up to 150 psig (10.5 barg). Units rated for higher temperatures and pressures are available.

 â€śOur systems provide enough cleaning capacity to filter the entire volume of heat transfer fluid several times a day,” noted Shums.  “The useful life of the hot oil is increased since it is filtered and remains cleaner longer. This is an important benefit as we all notice that the price of oil continues to rise.”

About Liquid Process Systems

Liquid Process Systems, Inc. has specialized in custom hot oil filtration systems, pumping systems, process water filtration and process heating and cooling equipment for over 18 years in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Central America, Europe, Australia and New Zealand.

The company offers manual side-stream systems as well as stand-alone systems with pump and control panel for facilities where existing system flow and pressure are completely dedicated to heat users leaving insufficient flow and pressure available for a manual filter housing only. The company fabricates a full line of custom filtration systems with filter housing, pump and control panel that are skid mounted to specific specifications and arrive ready to use and install. Portable and rental units are also available.

For more information, contact Liquid Process Systems, Inc., 1025-A Technology Drive, Indian Trail, NC 28079. Phone: (704) 821-1115 or (888) 786-1101, FAX: (704) 821-1190 or E-Mail: [email protected].