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Flavor Feeders Achieve Higher Throughput

Newer material-handling systems with an improved flexible screw conveyor from Spiroflow Systems can move seasonings and coatings at higher throughputs than ever before.

Spiroflow Flavor FeedersSpiroflow Systems, Inc. and its sister company Spiroflow Ltd. report that over 200 Flexible Screw Conveyor (FSC) systems with integrated Bag Tip Stations known to the industry as ‘flavor feeders’ have been installed and are in operation at plants of leading snack food producers worldwide. The systems are primarily being used to transfer bags of seasoning and flavoring to coating machines.

According to Spiroflow Systems, the systems provide a reliable and easy to clean method of transferring bags of seasoning and flavoring by mobile or stationary feeding units to the coating drums. In many cases, the feeder system is mobile instead of stationary so one unit could feed numerous machines and later could be removed to a remote area for cleaning between batches as necessary, the company said.

Each System Customized

Each system comprises of a Flexible Screw Conveyor with integrated bag tip station and electronic controls that was custom designed and manufactured by Spiroflow to meet the specific requirements of the snack food manufacturer. Spiroflow offers nine FSC models, with throughputs from 10 to 88,000 pounds per hour (4 kilograms/hour to 40,000 kilograms/hour).

Each bag station has a dust hood with a transparent strip curtain that protects operators and reduces their exposure to dust when emptying the bags. This protection is further improved if the installed system has an integral dust extractor or is connected to a central extraction system.

Each FSC and Flavor Feeder has safety interlocked quick release access panel for easy, rapid dismantling and reassembly with minimum downtime. This allows thorough cleaning, usually in a remote location, to avoid cross contamination of flavors between batches. Control panels for the feeders are mounted on the robust mobile frames that allow one unit to feed numerous machines if required.

Improved FSC with Newer Systems

Newer systems are being installed at snack food manufacturers with an improved Flexible Screw Conveyor (FSC) from Spiroflow Systems that moves seasonings and coatings at higher throughputs than ever before.

The improved FSC has a new and simplified direct electric motor-driven spiral screw that rotates the conveyor at faster speeds than the previous model. With fewer parts to wear, the new ’Spiroflow’ FSC is lower in cost since many unnecessary components have been eliminated and has a more sanitary modular design for greater flexibility.

Maintenance is also further reduced since the only moving part is the spiral screw that rotates material within a sealed tube and moves it along by its revolutionary homogenizing conveying action equipment investment cost.

Improved Construction/Easy to Clean

With its sanitary design, the new and Improved FSC meets most hygienic conveying needs since upgraded spiral screws that are now available in ultra-high grade and heat-tempered stainless steel or heat-treated spring steel for longer life.

Three types of spiral screws are available: a standard round screw that handles most applications, a flat screw for certain light or aerated products and a beveled screw for conveying difficult materials that smear as do many flavorings.

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