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Blasts from the Past

Hindsight prevention strategies for five explosions that made history.

Chem.Info looks at why five of the the most infamous facility disasters occurred, and what could have been done to prevent them.

When Workarounds Backfire

Workers at the Bayer CropScience facility in West Virginia would override safety interlocks in order to compensate for an undersized heater in a pesticide residue treater.

Batch Sizes—Overdoing It

A runaway chemical reaction and explosion overtook a Synthron chemical-manufacturing facility when managers attempted to fulfill an order exceeding normal batch sizes.

More than Hot Air

Although there are readily available safe alternatives to using natural gas for pipe cleaning, an astonishing amount of power plants still use it, even if it is fraught with potentially far-reaching and unsafe consequences.

Don’t Follow Your Nose

The natural gas explosion at ConAgra’s Slim Jim plant could have been avoided with the use of combustible gas monitors and tighter gas-purging procedures.

A Bittersweet Lesson

Although Imperial Sugar may not be the lone offender of combustible dust crimes, it is perhaps the most memorable.