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Turning Trash into Cash

A year-end rush for Alexandra Food products places an undue burden on the factory, which is unable to keep up with the amount of its own trash.

KenBay TrashThe December holiday season always proves to be a busy time for retailers and wholesalers alike. Alexandra Foods Co., makers of the finest pierogies and Polish dumplings in the Chicago area are no different. The year-end rush for their products places an undue burden on their factory, which is unable to keep up with the amount of cardboard and plastic shipping and packing materials.

Alexandra Food Co. founder Mark Dembicki resolved their company’s problems by ordering the KenBay RotoPac, the leading industrial arm compactor on Nov. 25th. By the 27th, the RotoPac was up and running, compacting 5 full pallets of waste on the same day. Dembicki says, “For our application this machine is just excellent. We've been in business for almost 20 years and I have been looking for hand’s-off compactor like this for at least 5 years.”

KenBay began operations in the United Kingdom over 20 years ago as a waste disposal company. Realizing that over 80% of dumpster space was air, KenBay developed the Rotopac industrial trash compactors to increase the efficiency and cost effectiveness of industrial waste disposal. The RotoPac trash compactor was well received in the UK and Ireland before KenBay began operation in the U.S. in 1995. Engineering advancements in the ensuing years have improved and refined the RotoPac trash compactor. The unique design of the RotoPac trash compactor is patented in the U.S., and KenBay's manufacturing of compaction equipment systems is ISO 9001 compliant. It has been choice of industries as diverse as airframe manufacturing, bakeries, distribution centers, printers, offshore oilrigs, ocean vessels and pharmaceutical operations, as well as the US Army and US Navy.

Dembicki says of the RotoPac, “Regular bale compactors require constant assistance. In the case of the KenBay RotoPac it takes one person just one minute to load a full pallet of empty boxes and compact. There is no tying ropes, no waiting. It is like having one hungry paper eating dinosaur in front of you.”

Almost immediately Alexandra Foods noticed a difference in its disposal costs, and the addition of the RotoPac to the facility allowed the company to be paid for their recycled material. Dembicki says, “For my application, this machine is out of this world, just excellent. Whoever came up with this type of compactor was a smart man. I would definitely recommend this machine to everyone.”

Alexandra Foods and companies around the world have benefited from KenBay’s unique rotary arm compaction technology, allowing for greater compaction ratios. Rotary Arm Compactors have the advantage of being able to continuously compact waste material, utilizing 4,400 ft-lbs of torque at the compaction drum surface, making such units one of the most cost effective industrial waste solutions on the market today. KenBay was first-to-market with their rotary arm compactor and have led the field for small footprint (4’x 5’), continuous high compacting, industrial waste compactors. Waste can be input into the RotoPac by conveyor pneumatically, manually or through a chute.

Achieving compaction ratios of greater than 6 to 1, the RotoPac can reduce waste disposal costs by up to 80%. Rotary arm technology is ideal for compacting large volumes of trash as well as plastic for recycling and cardboard without breaking down boxes. The environmentally friendly RotoPac is able to compact into biodegradable bags as well as reduce collections and space needed in landfills.

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