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Top Five Ways To Ensure Washdown-Ready Interface Systems

Strongarm Designs recommends five ways to ensure your operator interface system is washdown-ready

Aggressive equipment washdown is an every day, every shift and every batch occurrence in food, pharmaceutical and chemical environments. According to StrongArm Designs, here are five ways to ensure that your operator interface systems-and your products-are washdown-ready:
  • Prevent water from entering the enclosure with specially designed doors that channel water away from its interior.
  • Rely on NEMA 4X because, as a standard, it guarantees that the operator interface system's interior is protected from splashing water, water seepage, falling water, severe exterior condensation and hose-directed water.
  • Pay attention to design. Minimize areas where water can pool with sloped top enclosures and angled keyboards.
  • Eliminate crevices-cleaning is always easier when areas where particles can accumulate are minimized.
  • Plan for extremes. Make sure that all operator interface system components can withstand the extreme temperature environments in hot-water washdown areas.